Debbie Keenan’s, Let’s Talk Trash News! , is a gift to our entire community! This resource rich newspaper delivers relevant non-fiction text for our students to read and enjoy. The newspaper offers our high school students the opportunity to be published authors giving them an authentic audience for their writing. We look forward to each edition in Cheatham County School District. - Dr. Cathy Beck, Dir of CC Schools Community Bank & Trust (CBT) is a locally owned community bank with offices in Robertson and Cheatham counties. The Bank considers both counties to be thriving communities and market areas for the Bank to offer financial products and services. The Bank has been a partner with The Keenan Group since 2012. The Bank is a believer in student education as this is one of the foundations the Bank was founded upon in 1999. In fact, the Bank provided educational opportunities to the elementary students in both counties for a number of years. The Bank is also honored to provide to both county public school systems an automated “call program”. The program allows each school’s representative to communicate in an effective manner directly with the parents of the students in the event of a school event, closure or other important message. When Ms. Keenan introduced her concept of the educational newspaper Let’s Talk Trash News! to the Bank we realized immediately CBT would become a strong supporter of the newspaper. Let’s Talk Trash News! is a valuable asset to the communities where it is distributed as the paper encourages the student to be responsible and teaches character building skills to our youth. The paper has been a great tool to reach all kids, parents and the teaching community. In fact, the Bank looks forward to the Bi-Annual Museum of Litter project. At this event, the kids get to participate by displaying their creation of litter which they have accumulated and made into a beautiful piece of artwork. It truly is litter education at its finest! The Bank is proud of our sponsorship of the newspaper in Cheatham County. - Debbie Small, Pres & CEO Community Bank & Trust I have been a sponsor of Let’s Talk Trash News! since its inception. During that time, I have witnessed first hand the positive effect this publication has on the youth of our community. Not only is it distributed to all of the local elementary schools, but is placed in businesses such as mine throughout the area. When parents with small children come to our office for meetings, often times we will provide crayons and the current issue of Let’s Talk Trash News to the children to keep them occupied while I meet with their parents. It keeps their attention and seems to be of interest to these children. In some cases, I have been asked questions about a particular article by the children at the conclusion of meeting with their parents. I am proud to be a sponsor of Let’s Talk Trash News! and look forward to its continued growth and impact on the children of the area. - Franklin J Luppe, CPA, CFE United Structural Systems, Inc. considers it an honor to partner with Debbie Keenan in sponsorship of Let’s Talk Trash News!. As a childhood reader of Highlights Magazine, I would have loved to have a publication like this growing up. The activities and articles cover a broad student demographic audience, it’s regionally educational and relevant, and the uniqueness of allowing student article participation is a wonderful opportunity for our young local readers (& teachers & parents)! USS is proud to help support our community through this creative resource! -Shannon Carter, Co-Owner/USS

Dr. Cathy Beck, Director of Schools Cheatham County

Debbie Small President & CEO Community Bank & Trust

Frank Luppe Luppe Accounting

Shannon Carter Co-Owner/ United Structural Systems, Inc.

TESTIMONIALS (continued)

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