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Tools to Print Your Social Media Photos you can then browse, where you can order a variety of custom products, including magnets, canvas prints, and phone cases. SOCIAL PRINT STUDIO Functioning as both a website and a stand-alone app, Social Print Studio is a small company based in San Francisco that has been printing social media photos since 2010. While this company is capable of printing photos of your social media posts, they can do so much more with your digital memories. Social Print Studio’s products are divided into four categories: photobooks, the classics, wall art, and everything else. You can order your photos printed in soft, hard, or layflat book form. Their classic options include postcards, mighty prints, and photostrips. Or, turn your photos into beautiful wall art with metal prints, canvas prints, and wall calendars. You can even get greeting cards, stickers, and buttons. Pricing varies by item, but one thing remains constant: Social Print Studio is dedicated to offering the best products possible. The app is free and available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. While sharing photos on social media accounts is an easy way to store your memories, these apps will help you keep and display those memories for years to come. The next time you need to spiff up your walls or give an extra-special gift, pay them a visit!

According to Gizmodo, Facebook users upload 300 million photos per day. Similarly, 95 million photos and videos are shared on

Instagram daily. Social media is a great platform for sharing and storing, but what if you want to literally hold on to those memories? That’s where Free Prints and Social Print Studio come into play. FREE PRINTS The most attractive aspect of the Free Prints app is right in the name. Users can download 85 free 4-by-6-inch photo prints a month (up to 1,000 a year). But you can only print one free copy of each photo. Additional prints will run you 9 cents each. Standard shipping costs $2.99, and your photos arrive within five to 13 days. Or, for an additional dollar, they can arrive in four to six days. If you choose to print photos in sizes other than 4-by-6 inches, you will have to pay more for the service. The app is well-designed and easy to use; you can print photos from your device’s library or link your accounts to print directly from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr, and Picasa. The app is free and available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8. Once your photos are uploaded and saved,

4 Ways to Show Love

A Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way TO YOUR EMPLOYEES

employees can credit each other or you can provide a public forum for verbal encouragement. Either way, receiving wider recognition will mean a lot to your staff. Let Them Take Charge If you see a team member taking the reins on a project, you need to reward their initiative. Employees who feel empowered to bring their own ideas into the fold are often the most productive and satisfied staff members. When you notice somebody going above and beyond, don’t let them toil in silence. A little acknowledgment and confidence will inspire other team members to bring their A-game, as well. Little Tokens That Make a Difference What if every one of your employees walked in on Valentine’s Day to find some candy hearts on their desk? And what if a few randomly selected boxes had a slip for a few hours of paid time off? It costs almost nothing to you, but it shows you’re thinking of them. Little, creative bonuses like this can be a huge pick-me-up. Don’t announce your plans in advance. The surprise will make the gesture all the sweeter.

Spreading a little positivity will raise employee morale, and it doesn’t require a grand gesture on your part. Here are some easy, meaningful ways to let your employees know you care. Have a Staff Dinner This one sounds obvious, but too few companies take the time to break bread with their teams. Eating is a fundamentally communal activity, and getting everyone together for a meal will boost spirits. Put a moratorium on any shop talk and use the meal as a chance to learn more about your employees’ lives. If you have a larger staff, it’s better to break into teams. Your staff dinner shouldn’t feel like a work event. The goal should simply be to have a good time. Make Acknowledgment Public Sometimes, a simple high-five and “Job well done!” is enough to remind your employees of your appreciation. But if you want to take giving props to the next level, create a shared space where employees can spread the love around. You can create a wall in the break room where

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