A Historical Comeback!

March, 2017

“AHistorical Comeback!” My Superbowl Takeaway

The excitement may have died down a little since New England’s huge Super Bowl victory over the Falcons, but the game will go down in NFL history. As I watched the game play out, shocked by the amazing comeback at the end of the third quarter, something struck a chord with me. I noticed that these two teams were starkly different in the way they carried themselves through the game. If you watch the Patriots and the Falcons closely, you’ll notice the difference between youthful exuberance and disciplined maturity. When the two teams are lined up, it’s clear that the Falcons are a younger, greener team. It reminds me of a famous Jim Rohn quote, “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day.” A sign of maturity is welcoming the discipline, knowing what you need to do, and then doing it — and doing it again. Much like Bill Belichick encourages his team to “do your job,” you should encourage yourself to do what’s necessary.

You know what you need to do, it’s just amatter of doing it. Don’t worry about anyone else, and always control the inevitable emotional highs and lows. If you noticed, the Patriots players, especially TomBrady, were level- headed through the emotional stress. They didn’t get too up, and they didn’t’ get too down — even at the most difficult moments. One stat that stood out was the difference in penalty yards. In the end, the Patriots had far fewer penalties against them (4 for 23 yards) than the Falcons (9 for 65 yards). The Patriots clearly kept themselves in check. They kept their cool when they needed it most. The desire to keep marching down field, even when it’s third and long, can mean the difference between success and failure. The same goes for therapy. There will be ups and downs, but you can’t survive off irrational exuberance over the wins, and you can’t let yourself get too depressed over the losses. It’s important to stay focused and use the support systems you have (your therapy team, for one) to charge down the field

toward that big win. When it comes down to it, your recovery is about discipline. Do your job through your entire course of care to enjoy the rewards of your success. As we get older, we may not be as fast or feel quite as well, but with maturity comes wisdom. You may not come out of the gate as fast, but you have the level-headedness to pull ahead. We will never forget the amazing comeback that we saw the Patriots make this year against the Falcons. But we can also learn a thing or two from the Patriots as a team, and apply it to healing. No matter how far behind you fall, discipline, maturity, and persistence are the keys to an epic comeback through physical therapy.


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