Debrief - Presentations Skills

IMPORTANCE OF EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION SKILLS Presentation skills have become a necessity for an employee to succeed in an organization. In today’s fast growing organizations, making a mark, and outperforming others, needs effective presentation skills. An employee has to demonstrate his presentations skills, in order to grow in an organization.

Debrief – Presentation Skills

Good communication skills will project the employee as a potential leader

Communication skills will help an employee to move up the ladder of the organization at a faster pace

Command over presentation skills will help a person sharing and projecting his ideas and thoughts

Effective presentation skills develop a person’s in-depth knowledge on content of the presentation

Communication skills facilitate smooth effective exchange of ideas and helps in building relationships

An excellent communicator always creates impression on others

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Debrief – Presentation Skills

VOICE CULTURE A person’s voice is the most important instrument while giving a presentation so one must keep improving his/her voice quality. A good presentation will have precise, to the point communication. To improve voice quality one should practice proper breathing techniques. Our voice quality depends on how we breathe. This is because we speak when we exhale out air. Thus, the longer we breathe in, the stronger we can speak. One should practise this small exercise to strengthen his/her voice quality. One should identify the bare minimum voice he/she can produce by slowly exhaling air and saying ‘OM’ without applying any force. This has to be practised repeatedly to improve voice quality.

VOICE MODULATION Voice modulation means changing pace, pitch, volume, and emphasis while talking. An effective communication is not possible without the use of voice modulation. A presenter should always use variance in pace, pitch, pause and power effectively in the speech. The use of voice modulation will: ¾ Remove monotony of the speech ¾ Convey thoughts and emotions effectively One of the basic techniques to develop this modulation in voice is to follow the principal of “see it and say it”. According to this the presenter has to create an image of the topic in his/her mind before presenting. These will automatically put emotions in the speech and effective modulation will be achieved.





Debrief – Presentation Skills

PRE-PRESENTATION The three important factors that we need to consider while making and delivering a presentation are: ¾ Content ¾ Environment ¾ Target audience Content While preparing a presentation, one should have a thorough understanding of the content of the presentation. The content of the presentation should be simple; it must be to the point and precise. The entire presentation should be in bulleted points. Optimal usage of graphics and multimedia are highly recommended. ¾ Structuring the presentation Every presentation should have a proper structure; which means a structured beginning; an introduction on the topic followed by the main body of the topic and an appropriate While developing the content for a presentation one should keep in mind the four W’s. This means a presenter should first make the purpose and the objective of his presentation clear for his/her audience. The content of the presentation developed should be made keeping the audience in mind. Different kind of audience reacts differently to presentations. The key for an effective presentation is to keep the content simple and effective. The presenter should clearly explain the scope and application of the presentation to the audience. conclusion to the topic. ¾ Developing the content



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Environment and audience To provide an effective presentation the presenter must understand his/her target audience and the environment. Environment will consist of the venue or place of presentation, the equipments available for the presentation and the value system and the culture of the audience. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to understand the target audience’s size, background and composition before delivering the presentation. The presenter should be extremely adaptable and should have flexible approach with the wants and expectations of his/her audience. Collaborative and friendly approach is the best method of engaging the audience in the presentation.

Debrief – Presentation Skills

BODY LANGUAGE Body language is one of the most important parts of the non-verbal communication. It constitutes 93% of our communication. A presenter has to have an assertive body language and needs to be cautious about his/her standing postures, facial expressions and gestures. Likewise maintaining proper eye contact with each and every one in the audience is important. Proper eye contact with every one helps in maintaining a friendly environment and it also helps in keeping the attention of the audience.

CONCLUSION When a person is giving a presentation, it is like performance of an actor on stage. Try to look pleasing, passionate, confident, proud yet humble. Try to speak to the person seated far away to ensure that your voice is heard and establish a good relationship with the listeners.

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