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➳ “So many books, so little time.” Whoever said that must have been referring to Reading ’Riggers. We are not running out of things to read! Our criteria for selection is that the book or author have some Hawai‘i connection. We’ve stretched it a bit, too, reading one book set in Tahiti, and one that was about water in general. The idea is to read some- thing local or somebody local, and always interesting. Also, in most cases, it’s readily available, since we try to support the Hawai‘i Public Library System. It should gowithout saying that we encourage OCC members who are authors to participate. In fact, we have read nine of our members’ books so far—some authorsmore than once. They keepwriting, and of course, we keep reading. The Reading ’Riggers has beenmeeting first Fridays at 10amsince November 2016. Andwhile we were somewhat limited due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have a strong email So Many Books, So Little Time By Gerry DeBenedetti TIME / DATES: 10:00 a.m. Every first Friday of the month, usually in the Duke Room

UPCOMING SCHEDULE June 3: Hawai‘i’s Birds (seventh edition) by Hawai‘i Audubon Socie ty

New photos from more than 50 local photographers, informa ti on on conser- va ti on ac ti ons and issues for na ti ve birds and references to Hawaiiana. Presenters and collaborators Susan Sco tt and Wendy Johnson (an OCC member) will be present. July 1: The FrenchHouse: An American Family, a Ruined Maison, and the Village That Restored ThemAll by Don Wallace (in collabora ti on with his wife Mindy Pennybacker). An inspiring memoir of two Francophiles who bought a home on a small French island o ff the coast of Bri tt any sight unseen. The experience was life-changing, though not necessarily in the ways you’d expect. Author and collaborator will be present.

list (120 at our most recent count) andwe were able to suggest books to sustain us during that down time. Our biggest problemnow is that our future list of good ideas is about two years long. Hence the title of this article. All OCCmembers are wel- come to come to Reading ’Riggers. Youmay bring a guest, and youmay stay for lunchwith the author. We also invite you to leave suggestions or comment on any of the books scheduled at the Front Desk.

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