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➳ The Historical Commi tt ee’s Stew & Rice program resumed in-person events at the Club with a sold-out presentation fromDeSoto Brown from the BishopMuseum in February and a sold-out screening of Waterman presented by one of its producers, Club Captain Billy Pratt. This next much- anticipated event has been postponed at the Club for two years due to COVID-19, and is sure to be just as well-received. TUESDAY, MAY 24, 5:30 p.m. “An Hour with Queen Lili‘uokalani” A play by Rianna Williams, read by Alice Guild and Rianna Williams What do you really know about Queen Lili‘uokalani? Do you know she had an unhappy marriage, adopted three children (one being her husband’s child from another woman conceived while she was married to him)? She wrote over 160 pieces of music, and was at home hearing the music and applause when the Hawaiian flag was lowered and the American flag was raised over ‘Iolani Palace. She gave herself both public and private birthday parties every year, hoped to start a bank for women, played in private chamber music concerts with Dr. George Straub, attended Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in London in 1887, cried during her first visit to Kalaupapa. She, as a widow, was pursued for marriage by a Tahitian prince 20 years her junior. She purchased one of the first automobiles in Hawai‘i. She

flew the American flag over Washington Place for one day during WorldWar 1. Queen Lili‘uokalani survived several cancers on her neck, but died after having several small strokes. Learn even more from a performance of the new play “An Hour with Queen Lili’uokalani,” written by OCCmember Rianna M. Williams, who portrays a San Francisco newspaper reporter interviewing Queen Lili‘uokalani, portrayed by OCCmember Alice Guild. Based on true information from the queen’s diaries and other documented sources, and taking place inWashington Place, the queen’s home, it is an intimate revelation of the most poignant moments in the personal life of Hawai‘i’s last monarch. About RiannaWilliams The play’s author was a docent and researcher (for the late Hawaiian historian H.J. JimBartels) at ‘Iolani Palace for 10 years. She then spent 10 years researching and writing on her own, during which she wrote five books and numerous articles (three in the Hawaiian Jour- nal of History), all on Hawaiian history, in addition to transcribing several ali‘i journals onto the computer at BishopMuseum archives. She has been a docent and researcher at Washington Place for 20

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