look forward to the l ū ‘au because it brings back all the traditions and Hawaiiana that we love,” continued Liz. Of course, the 100-year mile- stone is part of the reason this year’s l ū ‘au was so special, but it was also especially meaningful after these past two years. “Siana Hunt [former Enter- tainment Committee Chair and lead producer of the event] took the l ū ‘au on as her final legacy project and knocked it out of the park. She is always behind the scenes pioneering new and existing efforts to grow the

Club and provide these one-of-a- kind events. She is truly a fearless leader and a pleasure to work with. We also have to thankMary Jones for her love and passion for all things Hawai‘i and for bringing the authen- ticity of a traditional l ū ‘au. The dedication from, and vision of, both these women is truly amazing,” said Jessica O’Neill, the newly elected Entertainment Committee chair. In fact, Siana organized a group of women to forage the exceptional flora and fauna found throughout the Club. Siana andMary, along with

➻ What betterway to celebrate the past, present and future of OCC than with the 100th Club L ū ‘au. “Some of the most fun times I can remember were at the l ū ‘au’s at Out- rigger,” said Liz Perry. “We always

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