General Manager’s Corner

ALOHA OUTRIGGER OHANA, Given howbusy we have been over the last couple of months, I’mwilling to bet that most of you have been to the Club recently! You have probably been down to see all the new sand on the beach, or to enjoy the newly remodeled outdoor fitness center, or perhaps to indulge in some of the Chefs’ newest creations. Whatever the reason, it is easy to see that the Outrigger Canoe Club has come roaring back!

between, but I want to recognize that parking could still be an issue during peak hours. I want to thank the membership for their patience as we have carved out a path to relaunch lunch service. I am excited to share that our go-live date for lunch is scheduled for May 18th. I have fielded several questions about lunch over the last couple of months, frommembers who really want lunch to come back—and soon—and frommembers hoping to still be able to use the Hau Terrace to enjoy their Snack Shop food during the day. I believe we have struck a good balance. You can read more about these changes in the feature that begins on page 16. Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the 100th Club L ū ‘au. This event would not have been a success without the Entertainment Committee, led by Siana Hunt, and the entire operations team. Thank you for all of the time, the countless meetings, and the attention to detail that made this event one for the history books! And a huge thank you to all of the members who attended! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

When we couple the success of our food and beverage opera- tions with the resurgence of our athletic programs, we once again have parking issues (as you may have noticed). It’s great to be busy, but frustrating to have to fight for parking. The House Committee, in conjunction with the management team, have been working to address this issue, putting together a plan to help alleviate some of the parking

woes. We all know that the congestion comes be- tween 4:30-7:30pmwhen members are on the water enjoying a sunset paddle, using the Fitness Center after work, and/or enjoying dinner at the Club with their family and guests. In an e ff ort to curb the bottleneck, the following changes are going to be implemented: • Wednesday through Sunday from 4-8pm, Prestige Valet—the company that manages the parking structure—will enlist three members of their team to help shu ffl e and stack cars to maximize the space. • We are also going to paint two additional parking stalls on the end caps of all levels of the garage, which will create 20 additional stalls. Prestige Valet will also help shu ffl e these cars into normal spaces when they become available. There are additional changes to be implemented that will be communicated in the E-News. But even with the changes and additional resources, there will still be times when the parking structure is at capacity and members will be asked to find other parking options. We hope that this is few and far

My very best,

Tyler Roukema, General Manager

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