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Since 1985


The CS 308ci / 358ci Series Options

DP-5120 Document Processor (DSDP)

DP-5100 Document Processor (RADF)

DF-5100 300 Sheet Internal Finisher

DT-5100 Document Tray

NK-7100(B) / K-7110(B) Numeric Keypad

DP-5130 Document Processor (DSDP)

JS-5100 Job Separator

RFID IC Card Reader Holder

AK-5100 Attachment Kit

MT-5100 1 5 Bin Mailbox

DF-5110 1 1,000 Sheet Finisher

Copystar CS 358ci

Copystar CS 308ci

DF-5120 1 3,200 Sheet Finisher

PF-5140 2 2,000 Sheet Tray

PF-5130 2 2 x 500 Sheet Tray

PF-5120 500 Sheet MPT

Stapler Option SH-10 for DF-5100 / DF-5110 / DF-5120

Hole Punch Option PH-5100 / PH-5110 for DF-5110

Only available for the CS 358ci model Available for both the CS 308ci and 358ci models

1 Requires AK-5100 2 Requires PF-5120

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