FWFV - VBL - Melbourne

FEELWELCOME, FEELVALUED Value Based Leadership Workshop


Luxury is as old as humankind. Among centuries, humans have created a sense of elevation for those whose status in the group deserved special recognition. Luxury has been connected with divinity, monarchy, royalty… Luxury’s intrinsic character and its superlative nature declares its vertical orientation. Luxury continuously evolves, and particularly in the last two decades it has become quite accessible and democratic.

Luxury, whether object or service must have strong human content, it must be of human origin.

As part of our continuation and Sofitel evolution, we will meet again after the Luxury Immersion Program.

This time, we will be working with three specific themes:

• Official roll out of the Sofitel Blueprint at Sofitel Melbourne

• Understanding of the AccorHotels Leadership styles.

• Strategic graphic facilitation for the Sofitel Melbourne hotel for the next 3 years capitalising in our vision and strategic pillars.

Please complete the pre-work from this document prior to the session.

A reminder, the session is on Wednesday, November 23rd from 9:00am until 6:00pm.

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