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Helping Your Kids Work Toward Proper Posture Posture Perfection

L abor Day is a celebration of the American worker! It’s a day devoted to kicking your feet up and relaxing. The three-day weekend most of us enjoy is a nice perk, too! While summertime may be one long “three-day weekend” for kids, their work also deserves to be celebrated. In fact, I often remind my kids that they have jobs of their own. Their job is to learn, do well in school, and grow into healthy, happy citizens. And part of becoming a healthy, prospering adult is making proper posture a habit! This past July, I attended a fascinating course presented by a doctor researching posture. She was relaying the important relationship between body posture and jaw growth and development. Our body posture influences the strength and coordinated efforts of our muscles, which, in turn, affect the shape and size of our bones! As an example, think of the posture we hold while using our cellphones. The neck is bent down and forward, so the jaw hangs down and forward and the tongue falls off the palate. If a growing child holds this poor posture, they are going to see changes in the development of the skeleton and surrounding musculature. Proper upright body posture will translate to a more favorable jaw alignment as well. Proper oral posture includes lips together (to encourage breathing through the nose), teeth apart (relax those jaw muscles), and keeping your tongue lifted to the roof of your mouth (improved airway and proper development of the maxilla in growing children). Teaching your kids about proper posture can be a nagging undertaking. I like to teach kids WHY it matters to have good body and oral posture. What kiddo doesn’t want to grow up big and strong?

I like to teach kids WHY it matters to have good body and oral postures. What kiddo doesn’t want to grow up big and strong?

I’ve used technology to help train myself and my kids to have better alignment. Upright Go is a small digital reminder tool. The device,

the size of a matchbox car, is placed between your shoulder blades with adhesive. You hold your correct posture and set it to memory on the user-friendly phone app associated with the device. Once you slouch, the device will gently vibrate to remind you to return to your corrected posture. With continued use, I’ve noticed a big difference! It used muscles I had forgotten to engage, as I was actually a little sore when I began the routine. I have gotten to the point where muscle memory has taken over, and the Upright Go is only needed for quick reminder training.

I’d be more than happy to help evaluate you and/or your child’s oral posture to ensure correct function and development.

I hope you had a relaxing and safe Labor Day. God bless,

–Dr. Jessica Sabo



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