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if you have mistakenly unsubscribed from our email list, you will be able to add yourself back on ASAP. Or, if you have an additional email address you would like to add you can do that as well. Email is our top form of communication, espcially now, so stay informed, stay updated...and spend some time checking out the new site.



To start usng the app, follow the following three steps:

1. From your phone or tablet, download the ForeTees ClubCentral app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

2. Once downloaded, open the app to generate a one time login by clicking on “email me my credentials”.

3. Enter the one time login into the app, and you are all set!


FACEBOOK: /wilmingtoncountryclub

INSTAGRAM: @wilmingtoncc1901

If you have questions regarding your emails, the mobile app, or social media, please contact: Meghan Spero



Have you tried our evening take-out service yet? If you haven’t, you are missing out on fantastic entrees and specials. Our daily email is sent out at 4:00pm each afternoon with the take-out menu and specialty entree of the evening.

Ordering of take-out is best accomplished by calling 302- 655-6171 ext. 1427.

As a reminder, beer and wine are also available for take-out purchase.



WCC is now offering your favorite grocery staples for take- out! Groceries are based upon availability and can be picked up Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 2:00 – 7:00pm. All orders must be placed by 2:00pm the day prior to pick up. When you arrive at the Club to pick up your order, please call 302-655-6171 ext. 1427 to have your order brought to your car.

WCC groceries include veggies, fruits, cheese, milk, breads, chicken, beef and fish.



FROM THE GOLF SHOP It was quite a week for great golf shots! Marcy Lynch started things off on Tuesday with her first ever hole in one on #4 South. She knocked her driver in from the tee… Next, Matt Homer recorded his first ever ace on #11 North on Thursday. Matt used a 9-iron from 153 for his ace. We raise a glass at home to you both.

COURSE SCHEDULE Today - North Course Open / South Course opens at 12 noon Tuesday - South Course Open / North Course opens at 12 noon Wednesday - North Course Open / South Course opens at 12 noon Thursday - South Course Open / North Course opens at 12 noon Friday - South Course Open / North Course opens at 10 a.m.

Saturday - South & North Course Open Sunday - South & North Course Open

PRACTICE RANGE The practice range closes at 7 p.m. each day except Wednesday and Sunday. The practice range closes at 5 p.m. every Wednesday and Sunday.

Thank you for doing your part to remain six feet apart from all fellow members and staff.

ONLINE GOLF SHOP The Online Golf Shop is open and available for any items needed (link HERE). Password for the website is ‘tradition1901’. The Golf Shop will communicate with you regarding pick up for your items.

-Michael Shank, PGA

GROUNDS MESSAGE This morning we are needle-tining the South greens. This is the same process that was accomplished on the North greens in late April. With good growing weather in the forecast, we expect to see the holes healed-in by the holiday weekend.

Through the tining process, we are removing about 1%of organicmatter (thatch) that will help with oxygen exchange and water infiltration. We follow the punching process with our greens rollers, then topdress lightly to smooth the putting surfaces from imperfections such as ball marks.

Speaking of the forecast and future weather; the rain we were looking at for the early part of the week now appears it could pose a threat to the first part of the weekend with some showers. We can expect elevated winds from Tropical Storm Arthur as it pushes north and eventually out to the north east over the Atlantic Ocean. The system out in the mid-west is the best shot of precip, but again, this will be the latter part of the week. The winds will negate necessary applications for grassy weeds and insects that we had planned to perform today. We are hoping to time these applications for the last half of the week. If conditions are appropriate, we will notify you of any exercise walking restrictions.

We hope you and your families continue to remain safe and well as we head into the first holiday of the summer season!

Regards, Jon Urbanski Director of Golf Courses & Grounds


10 Ways to Improve Mental Toughness and Focus on the Tennis Court Ed McQuillin, Racquets Director

#4 Relaxation

During a tennis match there are many high and low emotional stages however your emotional state should be at a moderate level when you are playing tennis. Some sports require a high emotional level like football and other sports like golf require a lower emotional level. In order to achieve this moderate level, you need to control your emotions and learn to relax. Learning to relax can be achieved by monitoring your breathing. Your breathing should be slow steady breaths in between points and learning to exhale when your hitting the ball. Some players actually hold their breath when hitting and become very tight as tennis players. This tightness prevents a player from moving efficiently and hitting the ball with control and power. If you are feeling tight during a match you can go through a series of tightening your arms or legs and then slowly releasing the tension. This will allow you to feel more relaxed and looser. When players get tense, they often stop moving their feet. As you are waiting for the ball before the point begins and during the point make a special effort to move your feet to become more relaxed. Many players also use a calming phrase that they repeat before the point begins. Phrases like “only the ball” or “light feet” may help to obtain that calm state. Although it is great to get excited after winning a big point it is also important to come back to a calm state before you start the next point. Try one or several of these relaxation techniques to get you to a moderate emotional level on the tennis court. RESERVATIONS Our outdoor tennis courts are open and available by reserving a court on the Foretees app. Be sure to make your reservation and refer to the foretees scheduler for information about the courts be closed in case of bad weather. WEEKLY MATCH PLAY We have set up 7 different time periods for our men and women tennis players for organized match play. Go to the foretees app and click on racquets events for the list of weekly match play opportunities for all levels. Once you sign up you will receive an email the night before you play with the court number and who you are playing with. Sign ups can be 7 days in advanced with the deadline being at 5:00pm the night before play. We hope you will find this match play program an easy way to play tennis in a safe physical distancing way.


Soon, we will begin to work on drywall, painting and other interior needs before we get into final trim and finishes. Outside, the new building will get skinned with stucco and then exterior steps and site work will take place. The new court building has a concrete deck that requires a curing period of 28 days for the moisture content to reach an acceptable level before the new playing surface can be applied. In the meantime, the painters can take over the space and be applying coverage to all the steel, conduit and sprinkler piping that is visible.


Quote of the Week “If you think a minute goes by really fast, you’ve never been on a treadmill.” Frequent Fallacies in Fitness “If you don’t play the sport, you can’t provide fitness training for those that play the sport.” According to Jeff Young, Author of Concepts of Medical Fitness, there are WAY more similarities to designing programs across that spectrum than there are differences. The truth is, there are only so many variables involved in designing programs (frequency, volume, initial loads, sets, reps, choice of exercise, order of exercise, rest periods, tempo, session length, progression, etc.). Personal trainers and strength coaches don’t need a specialty certification to train them- they need to understand how to adjust those variables, and, they need to understand the **special considerations** for that population. It’s mostly a matter of determining the individual’s “readiness to train” prior to each session and understanding the need to “start low and progress slow.” National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week May 17-23 (EMS Day May 20) Across the nation, communities and medical professionals will honor the contributions of EMS practitioners. From rural communities with little to no local health care services to major cities teeming with humanity, dedicated first responders provide immediate care during a health crisis. Whether there is an accident or an illness, these trained professionals work around the clock to make sure care is available quickly. Keeping up with the latest training ensures they know the most effective life-saving emergency treatments. EMS practitioners are professionals of the highest caliber.

Important Note State of DE Guidelines for Reopening Fitness Centers Released By now, you probably have heard that fitness centers may slowly, and with strict social distancing, enter Phase 1 of reopening on or about June 1. Great care must still be paid to limit the spread of the virus in order to prevent outbreaks because infection rates, while slowing, remain high. Specific guidelines being suggested by the state include: Once the State of Delaware and the WCC Board issue the plan for reopening the fitness center, we will follow the policies put in place to provide members a safe, clean, and friendly environment! Staff “Happy Hour” The fitness staff has been holding Zoom “Happy Hours” to sharewhat we are doing to keep fit and healthy, what we are doingfor members to keep you fit and healthy, and to share thecamaraderie we have as your fitness team! It makes us happy helping you be fit and healthy so be on the lookout for keymessages in Weekly Updates to come! If you have something you would like to share that you are doing to

keep fit and healthy, please send to:

Fitness Thought of the Week No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.

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