Medica 2019 Annual Report

THE POWER OF Integrity

When you’re with Medica, we’re with you . It’s that simple. We honor our commitments and go the extra mile to be the health plan our members, customers, providers, and business and community partners can trust. We won’t let you down.

‘Medica Saved My Life’ Scott Anderson, 66, decided a few years back it was time to get serious about fitness. His Medica Advantage Solution ® plan includes a gym membership, so he joined the YMCA and started working out four times a week. By switching up classes – spin, weights, yoga, Zumba, step aerobics and reform Pilates – Scott lost 40 pounds while gaining a community of friends among the other Y members and instructors. Last year, Scott tapped into another benefit of his Medica plan: an in-home physical. During nurse practitioner Kati Kaushal’s visit with Scott at his home, he mentioned he’d recently felt some chest pain and tightness. It had happened in spin class, when climbing stairs and while walking his dog just prior to Kati’s arrival. Scott suspected acid reflux, but Kati saw the warning signs of an impending heart attack. She took Scott’s blood pressure, which was very high at 170/100, and recommended he go straight to the ER. Scott agreed, but wanted to wait for his wife to return home from shopping so she could drive him there. “With Scott’s permission, I called his wife and urged her to come home quickly,” recalls Kati. “I also called the ER to report Scott’s condition and let them know he’d be coming in, and stayed with him until his wife arrived.” Scott’s trip to the ER turned into an overnight stay for observation and tests, then a trip to the operating room where he received a stent. Scott’s doctor told him afterward that the main artery to his heart had been 95 percent blocked.

Scott Anderson and Kati Kaushal, DNP, FNP-C.

“I’m grateful I got a physical that day... I tell people that Medica saved my life.”

Scott Anderson Medica member

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