Medica 2019 Annual Report


Looking back through the lens of 2020 — with its pandemic, economic crisis and the pain being felt throughout our community — 2019 seems like a lifetime ago. However, 2019 did prepare us well for what was to come. At Medica, 2019 is remembered as a successful year of growth and expansion, enhanced stewardship, furthering our collaboration with trusted partners, innovation and bold thinking, and compassionate and timely responses to the needs of the individuals and communities we serve. It’s part of our culture at Medica to start and end meetings by sharing real experiences of how we deliver on our mission to be your trusted health plan of choice. We call these special times “Mission Moments.” On behalf of the entire Medica team, I’m pleased to share some of our 2019 Mission Moments with you in this report.

John Naylor President & CEO

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