Medica 2019 Annual Report


We’ve built our business and our reputation on a foundation of trust achieved through collaboration and partnership. You can count on us to deliver on our commitments, and you know there’s a friendly face and an outstretched hand whenever you need us.

Partnering with Providers to Improve Health Care Through our unique Accountable Care Organization (ACO) arrangements, we work closely with leading health care providers across our nine-state service area to improve quality, manage costs and enhance the experience of care. Face-to-face relationships and collaboration are key to the exceptional outcomes we achieve together. During 2019, Medica clinical teams hit the road for at least two site visits with each of our 14 ACO health system partners. In these sessions, we sit down with health system leaders to review clinical data for our shared ACO members, identify opportunities for improvement, plan interventions and monitor our progress against shared goals. We also hosted our second annual ACO Clinical Engagement Summit in September 2019 at our headquarters in Minnesota. The event brought together dozens of clinical leaders from our ACO partner health systems across the Midwest to discuss population health and share peer-to-peer insights. We focused on topics such as telehealth, collaborative care management, predictive modeling and the social determinants of health.

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