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Work together: Tom Hendrick President and CEO of Wallace Engineering (Tulsa, OK), a structural and civil engineering consulting firm that believes in being active citizens, in both our profession and communities.


H endrick has experience with educational, entertainment, and retail buildings throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. He says the relationships he builds with not only clients, but employees, are the most important part of his job. “We have a lot of great people who are passionate about architecture and the application of engineering to the built environment,” Hendrick says. “They enjoy what they do, and they have fun doing it. Employees feel appreciated and part of something. They’re happy with the compensation, particularly overtime pay and frequency of raises (every six months). The culture is second-to-none and allows everyone to have a good work-life balance.” A CONVERSATION WITH TOM HENDRICK. The Zweig Letter: How has COVID-19 affected your business on a daily basis?

Tom Hendrick: All of our office locations are under shelter- in-place orders, so it’s advised that employees work from home. However, we’re considered an essential business in each location, so we are allowed to work from the office, if needed. We also have a couple of letters from clients doing essential business requesting that we work and continue to assist them. Approximately 85 percent of our 170 employees are working from home though. Our IT people had us prepared to work from home prior to the pandemic, so we have not experienced many technical issues. I have personally checked with each of our employees since this started and found that communication has been fantastic, both with clients and with each other within the offices. We have been using Google Hangouts for communicating within our office for quite a while and have continued to do so more frequently with so many employees now at home. TZL: You were asked to become managing principal in 2002. What do you most attribute that to?


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