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Cohort 4

Charles Loftland

EDUCATION • M.A. in Urban Sustainability Antioch University-Los Angeles • B.S. in Workforce Education and Development Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

ENROLLED • Cohort 4

LOCATION • Escondido, Calif.

Charles Loftland has been a community change agent leader for over 25 years. He has been involved in educational consulting, workforce development and community organizing. His passion for sustainability education has taken him through multiple and, sometimes, parallel careers in the military, nonprofit and private sectors. Retired from the United States Air Force, Charles worked as a construction manager specializing in water systems and hydra-purification. This experience led to much of his interest in sustainable infrastructure and planning. While in the Air Force, he co-founded of the Uplift Institute, a non-profit organization that focuses on sustainability through education, economics, regenerative infrastructure and social equity. Charles has partnered the organization in clean neighborhood campaigns in Philadelphia, voter registration drives in St Louis, and clean water initiatives in Flint, Michigan. An additional venture he was active in was the launch of the Uplift, Inc. Personnel and Staffing Services. His company focused on workforce development and employment placement in economically impacted urban communities in Philadelphia and southern New Jersey. After retiring from the Air Force, Charles entered the veteran’s transition assistance realm and worked for Hire America Heroes in Seattle, and then Wounded Warrior Project in San Diego as an employment coach and career developer. More recently, he was director of Military Partnerships at Alliant International University before returning to Uplift Institute as its current executive director. The re-imagining of the Uplift Institute into a sustainability education organization is founded in Charles’ vision to bring a balance of justice through equity, economics and environment stewardship. Charles’ goal is to facilitate sustainability education for global populations while providing them a platform to define and self-determine their communities through practically applied projects. As an educator, he seeks to impact community development through establishing a low-carbon footprint learning institution that builds sustainable spaces and fights for all justices, globally.

UW-Stevens Point


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