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Cohort 5

Deborah Aleksandrowicz EDUCATION • Master of Education in International Teaching Framingham State College • B.S. in Special Education Learning Disabilities (PreK-9) and Elementary Education UW-Oshkosh

ENROLLED • Cohort 5

LOCATION • Neenah, Wis.

Deborah Aleksandrowicz views education for sustainability as a spectrum of diversity, encompassing all systems, and empowers individuals and groups to improve the future through experiential transformative learning. With high interest in educational sustainability, she has been geared towards social justice issues and ecological appreciation throughout her personal life as well as during her career in education. Deborah’s intrigue and curiosity with differences began at an early age. As a teenager, she worked with peers and adults who had disabilities in school, home, community, and work settings. To gain skills needed to implement more inclusivity and access in formal education, she earned a B.S. in Special Education Learning Disabilities, a B.S. in Elementary Education, a M.Ed. in International Teaching, and has credits towards both a PhD in Behavioral Health Psychology and an EdD in Educational Sustainability. While working and living in areas high in poverty and low in literacy, Deborah has been a worldwide volunteer with people who have special needs, English instruction, international festivals, anti-racism study circles, and the homeless. Her experiences transformed her into a cultural experience addict. Deborah has lived and served in three states and six continents, in international and non-profit schools, from primary schools to higher education, and as a teacher and an administrator. She has attended educational conferences in five nations and presented at the Central and Eastern European Schools Association conference in Vienna, Austria. In her travels nearing seventy countries, she has enjoyed being a scuba divemaster, trekking in the Amazon rainforest, and hiking some of the Seven Summits. Deborah currently resides in Wisconsin and adventures locally and internationally with her husband and children. She has seen firsthand that there is a global need for a large-scale transformation regarding how we interact with and treat our environment – and the people within it. Although Deborah appreciates parts of ecological and social systems in each place she has been to, one area of needed change is the ability to empower students towards becoming stronger social and ecological advocates. She plans to converge her interests in behavioral health psychology and educational sustainability with research and development of curriculum that facilitates transformational change towards more sustainable practices.

UW-Stevens Point


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