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Cohort 5

Angela Miller-Porter EDUCATION • M.S. in Community, Agriculture, Recreation, and Resource Studies Michigan State University • B.S. in Environmental Studies and Applications Michigan State University

ENROLLED • Cohort 5

LOCATION • Marquette, Mich.

Angela Miller-Porter has been a sustainability educator for more than 15 years, with her career beginning as a naturalist at a nature center. After completing her master’s degree, Angela taught environmental science and sustainability courses at Northern Michigan University (NMU). For the past 4 years, Angela has worked for her local intermediate school district as the Great Start Collaborative (GSC) Director. In this role, she has written grants to integrate sustainability education into her community as well as offer ecological literacy in pre-k-12 professional development and training at various conferences. In addition to her position as GSC Director, Angela is teaching environmental science at NMU again. Along with her work in environmental and sustainability education, Angela has a second passion for meditation and mindfulness that is infused throughout all she does. With her meditation certification, Angela loves to inspire others by integrating mindfulness into the training sessions and classes she facilitates. Therefore, along with sustainability education, mindfulness is central to her pedagogy. It is Angela’s intention to combine her two passions into one transformative learning professional development course, which she plans to see through with the Ed.D. in Educational Sustainability. Her research question is situated at the intersection of place-based education and mindfulness in teacher education. Angela’s personal philosophy is to strive to live each day mindfully centered in love, creatively open in expanding self-awareness, and in meaningful service to the full diversity of people and planet. She remains grounded in this philosophy with a daily practice in mindfulness both formally (meditation) and informally (everyday living, thinking, being).


Ed.D. in Educational Sustainability

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