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Cohort 5

Ashley Vedvig EDUCATION • Master’s in Natural Resources UW-Stevens Point • B.S. in Geography UW-Whitewater

ENROLLED • Cohort 5

LOCATION • Afton, Wis.

Growing up on her family farm in rural Wisconsin, Ashley spent many days outside exploring the woods and planting the fields. These experiences allowed her to develop curiosity, self-determination, and a strong passion for the natural environment, which she carried forward in her collegiate journey. Those experiences led her to earn a Bachelor’s in Geography from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where she did undergraduate research on severe weather and climate change. After college, she utilized her knowledge and worked in various environmental education positions at unique locations such as Chugach State Park in Alaska, Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, and Cave of the Mounds National Natural Landmark in Wisconsin. As she traveled the country and worked at these different locations, she realized there is so much more to learn about the natural world. This realization prompted her to get her Master’s in Natural Resources from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. During her master’s, Ashley realized how disconnected and fragmented the natural world was from our everyday actions. This realization spurred Ashley to take action ands hare her knowledge and experiences through an educational blog called Sustainable Saplings. With this blog, she spreads education and awareness about sustainable practices and why they are essential. She has also become a trained Climate Reality Leader through Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and has a vested interest in climate change education. Ashley realizes that climate action and sustainability are two interlinked and connected pathways to a healthier future. She hopes this doctoral program will help her inspire transformative learning practices outside of the classroom for citizens to reconnect to the planet and each other.

UW-Stevens Point


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