Ed.D. Directory

Cohort 6

Frank Barros EDUCATION • Master’s in Forestry Science Yale University • Bachelor of Arts College of the Holy Cross

ENROLLED • Cohort 6

LOCATION • Standford, Conn.

Frank Barros uses sustainability to organize individual priorities, institutional frameworks, and community development goals. For him, it is a sort of medium that interconnects the thoughts and actions of stakeholders, and is vitally important to satisfying an organization’s mission and core values. As such, he works in the K-12 private sector to draw awareness to and/or build those connections, design metrics to measure progress, and find avenues to celebrate success. His doctoral studies focus on developing a competency based, transdisciplinary system that graduates students who are sustainably literate. He has found it much more challenging to implement programmatic curricular strategies, than those associated with operations or administrative practices. By encouraging the growth of meta-level capabilities, within spaces that help students resist drivers of self-interest, he expects that graduates will become able and willing to act sustainably.


Ed.D. in Educational Sustainability

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