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Cohort 6

Mandy Geddes EDUCATION • M.A. in English – Literature University of Colorado Denver • B.A. in English Metropolitan State University

ENROLLED • Cohort 6

LOCATION • Denver, Colo.

Mandy Geddes has been learning about teaching, love, and life from her students at Community College of Aurora for the past 15 years. Which is to say, Mandy has been lucky enough to have her worldview be influenced and shaped by her relationships with the amazing people who attend her school for a decade and a half. CCA students are brilliant and creative and talented and resilient and tenacious and come with wealths and knowledges that Mandy had never experienced. Her students are explorers and activists with incredible passion. Her students, through their incredible vulnerability and their willingness to be fearless, constantly push her to dig further into pedagogical research and deeper into love and compassion. So much of who Mandy is today comes from the impacts her students have had on her. These students embark on journeys of creation and growth with Mandy every semester, and she is sincerely grateful to get to share these journeys with them. These beautiful humans are also her motivation for her Educational Sustainability journey. Mandy’s work has been rooted in pedagogies of love, liberation, and cultural sustainability. She believes that education should be not only anti- racist and culturally sustaining, but transformational for every student, and especially supportive and empowering for students whose voices have historically been silenced. Mandy has an opportunity to begin to make that change at her institution, and she wants to become the person whose mind, heart, and soul are prepared to make that change.


Ed.D. in Educational Sustainability

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