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Cohort 6

Megan Schommer

EDUCATION • M.A. in Education – At-Risk and Alternative Education Marian University Wisconsin • B.A. in Elementary Education UW-Milwaukee

ENROLLED • Cohort 6

LOCATION • Afton, Wis.

Megan is a first-year Educational Sustainability doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. She has been working as a regular education educator in the state of Wisconsin for 11 years. During this time, Megan has taught in grade- levels 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th. Each grade level has helped her develop a deeper understanding of learning and fostered her passion for caring for humanity. To further her knowledge, she attended Marian University’s At-Risk and Alternative Education master’s program. It was there that she started to see how policies and people can influence daily and future living. As she was ending that part of her education, it caused her to rethink her current practice, how she connects with families, collaborate with colleagues, and most importantly, her compassion for students and humanity. Because of this transformative learning, she can see the world with a new perspective, understanding, patience, and advocacy. Her eyes see differently, her heart feels more empathy, her hands become more skilled to help, and her voice grows in advocating for those who need it. She has always been empowered to help others in various ways through things like youth groups, mission trips, local and school committees, and volunteer programs. The things that have always remained the same are her care and concern for others. Her mission is to evaluate and implement actions personally and locally to combat problem behaviors and promote sustainable prosocial behaviors. She wants to research how to bring Educational Sustainability and its interconnectedness of knowledge, skills, and attitudes into the classroom through curriculum. Megan was drawn to the Educational Sustainability program because of the sustainable research around the awareness and practice of transformative learning. Transformative learning for both herself and her students is at the forefront of sustainability in education. She believes that to be agents of change, one must examine and challenge the past, current, and future practices and construction of diversity and social justice through transformative learning. This work will transform teacher and student learning within the classroom and beyond.


Ed.D. in Educational Sustainability

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