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Cohort 6

Leann Turner

EDUCATION • M.S. in Human Services Leadership UW-Oshkosh • B.S. in Social Sciences UW-Stevens Point

ENROLLED • Cohort 6

LOCATION • Platte City, Mo.

Leann Turner spent 15 years as a military spouse where she witnessed firsthand the inequities and disparities that the military family faces compared to their civilian counterparts. As part of the military community Leann volunteered as a Family Readiness Group Leader and as a coach for the Child and Youth Services program where she gained an interest in working with children. As part of this volunteer experience, Leann found herself working with children with disabilities including Autism and other spectrum disorders. This experience led her to her current position working as a paraprofessional in a self-contained functional room which sparked her interest in education and the change of educational systems. Leann is now part of a Middle School Action Team where they are working on a Real World Learning initiative. Leann spent 12 years working in retail and customer service orientated environments, including management before becoming a military spouse. This combined experience has given her the ability to adapt to a variety of different situations and has given her the opportunity to work with a diverse group of individuals. Always having a passion for analyzing things, she can anticipate needs and provide support in varying areas. A quick learner and sometimes referring to herself as a jack of all trades, Leann is humble, intuitive, and able to see multiple sides and aspects. Leann is emotional by nature, enjoys peace and harmony, and justice is very important to her. A philosophy she was taught at a young age is to leave things better then you found them. Leann was drawn to the Educational Sustainability program because she sees a need for change all around her. She believes that all things are connected and cannot exist independently. She is hoping to be able to transfer her skills and knowledge to pursuits in community or educational change.

UW-Stevens Point


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