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Cohort 7

Sam Minch

EDUCATION • M.S. in Agriculture Education University of Wisconsin-River Falls • B.S. in Dairy Science University of Wisconsin-River Falls

ENROLLED • Cohort 7

LOCATION • Plover, Wis.

Born and raised in Central Wisconsin, Samuel Minch always had a connection to the environment. Growing up, his father took his siblings and him to the George W. Mead Wildlife Area, just north of Stevens Point. While there, they learned many lessons (mostly through experiential learning) on how they are all connected to the environment, no matter how far it may seem like we are removed from it, the impact we can have, and the importance of diversity in systems. Things came full circle as he started college at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Sam began to realize our interconnectedness with the environment and, more importantly, the lessons we can learn from it. As he started graduate school at UWRF, he took an even bigger interest in two things his father instilled in him: experiential learning and the importance of diversity. As he studied 4-H’s use of experiential learning, it began to click for him that diversity is key. Being able to learn from others and learning how to connect and apply what they teach us is incredibly important for quality education, both formal and informal. Currently working with the Wisconsin Department of Instruction – Migrant Education Program, Samuel leads with these learnings. Many students face incredibly challenging educational barriers because their or their parents work in agriculture and movement around the country. The interest in the Ed.D. in Educational Sustainability is drawn from the lessons taught in the Mead Wildlife. We are at our best when we are diverse, and we all have stories to tell, and those who hear those stories can learn from them.


Ed.D. in Educational Sustainability

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