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Just because summer is over, that doesn’t signal an end to fun. How about those Halloween parties, sweater weather, and football season? The list goes on and on. In fact, fall might be the most interesting season of them all. Here are five facts you probably didn’t know about the season. 1. It was originally called “harvest.” The reasons for that should be fairly obvious. In a world that was far more agricultural, the season was defined by the harvesting of crops. It’s also a reference to the harvest moon, which was essential to farmers during the season. The names “autumn” and “fall” have no known origins, but fall is used almost exclusively in America. 2. Fall babies tend to be impressive. Not only does the world’s most common birthday, October 5, land in fall, but those babies have built an impressive resume. The British Department for Education found that they tend to do better in school and also tend to live longer. 3. Weight gain is most common in the fall. It’s not only the Halloween candy or Thanksgiving turkey. Researchers believe it’s primarily caused by lower levels of vitamin D. As the days shorten and temperatures

drop, we tend to get less sun. It’s another reason to be careful about diet and exercise this season. 4. Autumn is good for the economy. “Leaf peeping,” which is a slang term for fall foliage tourism, is more than just a funny name. It’s also a $3 billion industry in New England alone. So, if you thought winter and summer were the only seasons that brought along seasonal tourism spikes, you thought wrong. 5. People fall in love more in the fall. Men and women’s testosterone levels tend to spike in the autumn, which makes women even more attractive to men than in the summer months. A data study on Facebook also found that more people change their relationship status

from “single” to “in a relationship” during the fall than any other season.

TESTIMONIAL Here’s what a happy client had to say about one of our services. “I started this project with a request for a sweep, inspection, and chimney cap installation. The guys showed up on time, did the work efficiently, kept my house clean, and were extremely pleasant. The inspection report was detailed and included snaking a camera up the chimney to show me the recommended repairs. I ultimately hired Boston Brick & Stone to repair my smoke chamber, repair my crown, and apply Fireguard to my flue. They also fixed my rusty, old damper, removed my gas appliance, and installed a log lighter so I could burn wood in my fireplace (as it should be). I am very pleased with the quality of work.” –K evi n L. (Arcadia, California)


•Chimney inspection •Chimney restoration and repair •Chimney construction •Chimney sweeping

FIREPLACE •Fireplace inspection, restoration, or repair of an existing structure •Installation or reconstruction of new structures HARDSCAPE •Backyard patios

•Outdoor kitchens and barbecues •Outdoor steps, walkways, and paths •Retaining walls •Outdoor fireplaces •Driveways

HISTORICAL RESTORATION Our restoration work includes:

•Restoration of the main lobby chimney system of the El Tovar Hotel on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. •Repair and restoration of the chimneys in 56 original historic cabins on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. •Historical chimney restoration for the lodge in Bryce Canyon National Park. •Faithful restoration of the chimneys on the Nottingham and Arden properties in Beverly Hills.


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