Ireland's Plumbing & Heating Magazine Issue 114 July-August


The linear design of the Caleffi 149 Series allows for quick and easy installation.

guaranteed, reducing the likelihood of large maintenance costs.

equal percentage control and full stroke modulation. Furthermore, a unique advantage is that the valve does not drop authority even at a setting different than 100% open position, thanks to its special internal configuration. Two three-way valves allow easy periodic flushing of the system, and an integrated cartridge strainer will protect the terminal unit to always ensure maximum performance. Such valves can also be used for bypass or isolation of the unit. A calibrated Venturi flow measurement device will allow an easy and precise commissioning phase, thanks also to the user-friendly setting of the Caleffi PICV 145 series. The multiple-size connections (1/2’’, 3/4‘’, 1”, 1 ¼”) and the huge available range of PICV make the Caleffi 149 series suitable for all systems. The possibility of adding flexible hoses increases its universality of installation. All the levers and ports


Caleffi offers a pre-assembled fan coil unit, the 149 Series. The linear design of the unit (pictured) allows for quick and easy installation, with the high- quality standard of Caleffi products also incorporated in the componentry of this kit. Energy efficiency is ensured as the pre-formed insulation, made of rigid EPP material, prevents condensation issues, whilst also complying with fire regulations. The dynamic balancing of the system is ensured by the Caleffi diaphragm-type PICV 145 series, which can be equipped with an ON/OFF or a modulating 0-10 V actuator. The inner dynamic element can easily be replaced to ensure long life for the whole assembly. Caleffi PICV features

are installed on the side of the kit to make it symmetrical for universal installation (the kit can be reversed, so that it always matches the pipe configuration of the unit).


With fan coil units being a step towards energy efficiency, it is of great importance that their installation, maintenance and commissioning are made as easy as possible for the installer. Caleffi developed the 149 Series to make installer’s life easier whilst keeping their top-quality standards that are recognised the world over.

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