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A ll plumbing installations buildings. Water traps have been a key part of plumbing since their invention in 1775, using a bend in the pipework to create a seal and prevent the escape of sewer water and odours. But as good plumbers and experienced plumbing staff in builders’ merchants require water traps to prevent the escape of sewer air into know, traditional water traps can lose their seal due to evaporation, siphonage, leaking or movement, which is a problem for homeowners. Wavin HepvO is an innovative waterless trap that eliminates these issues and is suitable for various sanitary appliances. Unlike traditional traps, HepvO’s unique design eliminates the U-bend where waste material can accumulate, reducing the risk of blockages and foul smells. It has undergone rigorous testing and is resistant to common household chemicals, making it less prone to blockages from soap, hair or food particles. One of the key advantages of HepvO is its space-saving design. Traditional water traps can take up a significant

amount of space, limiting design freedom in bathrooms and kitchens. HepvO is suitable for a wide range of plumbing applications, allowing homeowners to save space in multiple rooms throughout their homes, from shower trays to kitchen sinks. Aesthetics are also important in modern kitchen and bathroom designs. HepvO’s sleek lines and minimal impact on the overall look of a space make it ideal for contemporary minimalist designs. It can be left exposed without detracting from the visual appeal. It minimises the visual impact of drainpipes and discharge systems, simplifies maintenance requirements for homeowners and does the job it is designed for effectively. Wavin’s HepvO waterless traps were introduced 20 years ago as a first-of- its-kind technology. The elastomeric membrane creates a seal between the sewer and the occupied space. As water enters the valve, the membrane opens and when the flow stops, it closes. The outer pipe protects the membrane from damage. This lightweight membrane requires only a small amount of water to open, making it suitable for condensate

drainage systems. The absence of a U-bend allows vertical or horizontal installation without compromising the trap’s ability to seal off discharge systems. The straight-through design minimises waste build-up and ensures excellent flow, reducing the risk of blockages and saving homeowners time and money on maintenance. Additionally, traditional traps with water seals can dry out and fail over time, allowing sewer gases to enter living spaces. HepvO eliminates this concern, making it ideal for use in unoccupied properties, holiday homes, motor homes and boats. HepvO empowers you to offer your customers value-added expertise and deliver the best possible results. With its combination of form and function, HepvO provides an effective solution that minimises visual impact, simplifies maintenance and ensures optimal performance.

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