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May 2020

As Long as We Stay Positive I’m Certain We’ll Get Through This

As of writing this newsletter in early April, COVID-19’s impact on the world is still the prevailing focus for nearly everyone. It has sickened people, taken lives, forced businesses to close, and put many out of work. Times are tough, and when this newsletter reaches you, it saddens me to think that will still be the case. Perhaps we’ll be better than we are now, but there will still be a lot of healing for us to do. Part of what will get us through that healing is how we choose to face our predicaments. Although our offices are physically closed to our clients, our ability to serve remains very much intact. Through the wonder of technology, we continue to provide legal services, schedule appointments, and hold meetings. We’re staying in consistent communication via phone calls, emails, and video conferences. Our goal is to keep our clients in touch with everything they need and make sure we’re doing so as securely as possible. As for legal proceedings in the state of New York, there are a few important updates to know. While courts are currently not filing new cases, judges and litigators are starting to go through their list of ongoing cases to determine which ones are most viable to move along via video communication. The state has also temporarily changed laws that permit us to sign several important documents, like wills and other estate documents, virtually. So if you want to make or change estate plans during this time, then know that you can still come to us, and we can still provide those services to you in full. We’ve been reaching out to past and current clients to check in on them, and we’ve been keeping our social media pages filled with useful legal information, humorous pick-me-ups, advice for coping, and words

We continue to work for you during the new normal.

something trivial and unimportant, but their existence struck a chord with me.

of inspiration. It’s important to us that we keep our services intact, but it’s even more important that we let you know we can be here for you in other ways. Every community around the globe has rapidly faced such drastic changes that it’s left our heads spinning. But the wonderful thing is that it’s not all negative. People have gumption for finding ways to be productive. They’re cleaning their homes, getting out to exercise, discovering hobbies, and catching up with loved ones. It really is amazing to see how people are creating meaningful moments during a time that’s trying to strip us of them. The other day, I saw a spectacular sign of good things to come. I have a roll-up awning that opens and closes to block the sun. I was out in the backyard, looked up at the awning, and spotted no less than three brand-new bird nests built around it, filled with tiny little eggs ready to hatch new life. They might seem like

Through hardship and pain, life always finds a way to go on. History has shown us that no matter what humanity faces, we find a way to get through it. Things always get better, no matter how bad they might be. That’s the most important thing for all of us to remember as we work our way through this. Never underestimate the power of positivity and remaining hopeful about the future.

Joke of the Month

My teacher said two positives can’t make a negative.

Yeah, right.

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