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A Story of Winter Tree Service and a Big 2020 Announcement A Crotchety, Old Twisty Elm Tree Bites the Dust On a crisp Friday afternoon in

he could give direction to our workers, as he was particular about protecting his lawn throughout the job. The client said he requested 10 other quotes, and of all the tree services he called, we were the second lowest in price. Plus, he chose us because I went to Hall High School, located across the street from his house. We were able to give the client a great wintertime day rate, which included all brush and wood removal. With a goal to finish in a day to make the job profitable, we had to remove a 25,000-pound tree from deep in the backyard, drag all the pieces to the chipper, and then clean up. In the

end, we accomplished the goal and drove home with the headlights on just as it started raining. As a team, we really want to get our hands on work in the winter. Because of that, we are offering a 10%–15% discount on our tree service rates, which includes any prior tree estimates from this year. One thing I’ve learned from being in this industry for 20 years is there’s an abundance of people in Connecticut who say they want to work, but there is an absolute scarcity of people who SEEK OUT AND DO the hard work it takes to succeed, day after day. I have

December, our crew was in the final stages of removing a massive elm tree over a shed. The tree had died during the summer and lost all its leaves, exposing five main branches that reached over the neighbors’ properties. With rainstorms and darkness threatening at 4:30 p.m., we were working against the clock to get it out. There was no time to lose. This was a complicated project, and using the reach of our 75-foot bucket truck, I calculated we could finish in one day. Each branch was rigged out, under control, and dragged to the chipper, piece by piece. The client, an elderly gentleman who had lived in the home for 50 years, said he appreciated that



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