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A Story of Winter Tree Service and a Big 2020 Announcement A Crotchety, Old Twisty Elm Tree Bites the Dust On a crisp Friday afternoon in

he could give direction to our workers, as he was particular about protecting his lawn throughout the job. The client said he requested 10 other quotes, and of all the tree services he called, we were the second lowest in price. Plus, he chose us because I went to Hall High School, located across the street from his house. We were able to give the client a great wintertime day rate, which included all brush and wood removal. With a goal to finish in a day to make the job profitable, we had to remove a 25,000-pound tree from deep in the backyard, drag all the pieces to the chipper, and then clean up. In the

end, we accomplished the goal and drove home with the headlights on just as it started raining. As a team, we really want to get our hands on work in the winter. Because of that, we are offering a 10%–15% discount on our tree service rates, which includes any prior tree estimates from this year. One thing I’ve learned from being in this industry for 20 years is there’s an abundance of people in Connecticut who say they want to work, but there is an absolute scarcity of people who SEEK OUT AND DO the hard work it takes to succeed, day after day. I have

December, our crew was in the final stages of removing a massive elm tree over a shed. The tree had died during the summer and lost all its leaves, exposing five main branches that reached over the neighbors’ properties. With rainstorms and darkness threatening at 4:30 p.m., we were working against the clock to get it out. There was no time to lose. This was a complicated project, and using the reach of our 75-foot bucket truck, I calculated we could finish in one day. Each branch was rigged out, under control, and dragged to the chipper, piece by piece. The client, an elderly gentleman who had lived in the home for 50 years, said he appreciated that




attracted workers who are “wired” for the physical work we do.

years of experience in tree service, storm response, and, most recently, two years with California wildfire reclamation work. Brandon has the

If you want a free arborist assessment for tree removals and pruning, we also offer 10–15% off new estimates given until Feb. 15 . Call us at (860) 888-8472 or email us at Andrew@ for an appointment by Feb. 15.

When hiring a tree service, remember that not all companies are equal. Many companies cut corners by not doing safety training and not having adequate insurance. Here are some tips to ensure your tree service is professional and reputable. *PROTECTIVE GEAR FOR TREE WORK* Ensure the workers are wearing personal protective equipment, like hardhats and boots and harnesses. Insist on a signed contract outlining what is to be done. If you hire a company without a record of the job, you may be liable for accidents. *REAL CERTIFICATION AND SAFETY TRAINING* Ask what kind of safety training they provide to their workers and ask Skilled, purposeful employees have high morale as well as high productivity. To be in top form, we attend OSHA classes, chainsaw safety classes, and weekly safety meetings. Other companies cut corners by not holding safety training, and it hurts them. No one on our team uses a chainsaw without being certified. And no one works without protective gear: hard hats, boots, and a harness for the man in the bucket truck. Announcement: New Supervisor/ Consulting Arborist In 2020, we are growing with a new team member, Brandon Archambeault . Brandon is a consulting arborist with 10

Here’s to a healthy and productive 2020. Thanks for choosing a local tree company that puts safety first!

work ethic and field experience

for the arborist license number of the salesperson. Many sales people roving around town looking at trees are not arborists, even at the larger companies. *ADEQUATE AND SPECIFIC INSURANCE* Request a copy of the company’s certificate of insurance showing that they’re covered for tree work and that they have workers’ compensation insurance. These policies are much more expensive than landscaping insurance but are necessary in the event of an injury. Any reputable tree service company will be happy to show you their certificate of insurance. *DISCOUNTED WINTER RATES* When you are ready to prune your trees for safety, take advantage of to match my own. Having an additional consulting arborist with this depth of experience will allow us to improve the quality of service you have come to expect. You may see Brandon or myself at your next tree appointment. For a limited time, we are offering a 10%–15% discount off all prior 2019 tree service estimates that we gave if you call or email us.

–Andrew Bachman


our 10–15% discount before Feb. 15. We also offer 10–15% off any prior tree estimates given in 2019. Call (860) 888-8472 or email Andrew@troutbrooklandscaping. com by Feb. 15, 2020, for a free arborist assessment. To recap our wintertime offers (valid until Feb. 15): 1. 10%–15% off all prior unused tree estimates given in 2019 2. 10–15% off new estimates and a discounted “day rate” of less than $3,000 for very large trees pruned or removed

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Historical accounts say the sweetgum was around for early interaction between the Spanish and the Aztec Empire. Montezuma smoked sweetgum tobacco and drank sweetgum tonic with Hernán Cortéz during a ceremonial exchange. The sweetgum produces a fragrant resin extract that has been used for thousands of years in soaps, tobacco, health tonics, and, nowadays, pharmaceuticals. The Latin name, Liquidambar styraciflua, translates to “flowing with liquid-amber resin.” It is also popular with cabinet makers for its dense, strong wood. The sweetgum grows naturally throughout the eastern U.S. It has distinct, star-shaped leaves and colorful fall foliage, progressing from green to deep purple. The tree is a good choice as a street tree because of its disease resistance and drought tolerance. When choosing to remove and replant streetside trees, I always invite you to select strong-wooded species for the best chance of survival. A sweetgum tree is an excellent choice. With its star-shaped leaves, the tree adds variety to a yard when people see it. As a native plant species, it’s a preferred food of native pollinators like the giant luna moth. I recommend the sweetgum for its beauty and wildlife value. It is a fine choice for replanting your front yard trees.

Simple Pancakes From Scratch

Everyone should be able to make pancakes without a boxed mix. This recipe is no-frills fantastic and can probably be made without so much as a trip to the grocery store.


• 2 cups

• 2 eggs • 1 3/4 cups milk • Unsalted butter or canola oil, to grease skillet

all-purpose flour • 2 tsp baking powder • 1/4 tsp salt • 1 tbsp sugar, optional


1. Heat a griddle or skillet to medium-low. 2. In a mixing bowl, combine dry ingredients (including sugar if you like a sweeter pancake). In a separate bowl, beat eggs into milk. Gently stir the liquid ingredients into the dry ones. Mix only until flour is moistened. Clumps are fine. 3. Add some butter or oil to the skillet. If the butter foams or oil shimmers, the temperature is correct. Pour in a pancake of any size, cooking until bubbles form, about 2–4 minutes. 4. Flip and cook other side for 2–4 minutes. Serve warm.


Inspired by The New York Times



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A Crotchety, Old Twisty Elm Tree Bites the Dust

How to Choose the Right Tree Service

The Sweetgum Tree

Simple Pancakes From Scratch


Prevent a Tree Catastrophe



wind, increasing chances of failure over cars and homes. Sometimes pruning can prevent storm damage, but often,

the consequences of failure are too great. WHAT AN ARBORIST LOOKS OUT FOR

Our staff arborists look for the following risk signs: • Tight V-shaped forks that are more prone to failure • Peeling bark or mushrooms, indicating a weak point • Dead limbs, hanging limbs, and cracked stems • Root damage (often displays a dying upper canopy that can’t get water)

KNOW THE SIGNS OF RISKY TREES Unfortunately, many shade trees in New England have become hazardous with age. These sugar maple and locust trees along North Main Street were losing dead branches over the roadway with increasing frequency. The homeowner knew he needed to address them for public safety, and we helped him decide that removal was the best option. In light of recent storms, we decided the best time to remove these trees was immediately. Many shade trees around town are previously damaged by wind, ice, and lightning. Problems beyond just a few broken branches can linger and fester. Over the years, these trees become heavier and “catch” more

There is no better time for pruning than while all the leaves are still off and the ground is frozen. If you are ready to make your trees safe, call or text our office from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. at (860) 888-8472.

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