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Celebrating Freedom What Does Independence Day Mean?

My boys love the Fourth of July. Duncan and Logan are still young, so they are positively dazzled by the fireworks every year. Fireworks take on a special feel since they are only allowed to be sold a few times a year in Texas. Our family enjoys spending the day together relaxing at the beach and enjoying the annual fireworks show at sunset. While we’re enjoying the family time, I make a point to remind my boys what we’re celebrating. Just like at Christmastime, when I remind my boys that the holiday

“... I try to teach Duncan and Logan that there’s more to the Fourth of July than food and fireworks.”

Both my dad and my husband’s dad served in the military, and although neither of us grew up in what you’d

call a “military family,” we recognize the toll for defending the freedom of our nation and freedom around the world. My dad served in Vietnam and John’s dad was a dentist in the Air Force, stationed in Panama. Both were fortunate enough to return home to their families, but many people aren’t. In addition to celebrating our nation’s birth and the day we demanded our freedom from tyranny, we also remember everything that goes into taking and protecting freedom. There are men and women who are no longer with us because they paid the ultimate price so we could celebrate Independence Day. When we grill up burgers and light fireworks and hug our family members, we should do so with extra love, in honor of those who are no longer able to celebrate with their families. Freedom is something to be cherished. This Fourth of July, I hope you enjoy a wonderful day celebrating your freedoms with the people you love.

isn’t about the decorations and presents, I try to teach Duncan and Logan that there’s more to the Fourth of July than food and fireworks. The reason we have big cookouts and light fireworks is that we’re celebrating our country’s birthday. There was a point in time when the United States didn’t exist and the freedoms we enjoy today weren’t so common. We’ve seen some ups and downs since 1776, but the example of freedom the United States set for the rest of the world is worth celebrating. There are so many big freedoms we should cherish. We have the power to vote, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. And there are also a lot of little freedoms we can easily take for granted. Kids can grow up and choose their own careers regardless of who their parents were. Families can spend the day at the water park together. Communities can gather and celebrate big holidays. There are places in the world where these freedoms don’t exist. It’s important for us all to remember the freedom we enjoy and to remember all that has been sacrificed to preserve that freedom.

–Dr. Valerie Sperry

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