King's Business - 1932-07

July 1932

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K i n g ’ s B u s i n e s s


“From harmony, from heavenly harmony, this universal frame began.”

onous SYMPHONY B y J. b . NJELD Los Angeles, Calif.

make-up, that belongs to the realm of the soul, which, if rightly tuned, can hear music which neither the human eye nor the human ear can detect. We are surrounded by mysteries, only because we lack the instruments of perception. T raining the I nner E ar * he fact is, as one great divine has said, “ We are all deaf, or we should understand that the whole universe is but one great musical instrument; the stars of night only the ivory keys on which God’s fingers play the music of the spheres.” The Psalmist had the inner ear train­ ed, for he said, “ The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shew- eth his handiwork. Day unto day ut- tereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard” (Psa. 19:2, 3 ). M aking L ife a S ong To only a few in each generation is

he knew it or not, Job a great scientific truth when he said, “ The morning stars sang together” (Job 38:7). The music of the universe began with God’s perfect creation. When God had created the sun and the moon and the stars and the planets, and had set them in motion, the most glorious sym­ phony that was ever formed began to pour forth the grandest strains of music that have ever been heard, with God, the great Creator, as the Master and Con­ ductor of the sublime chorus. God’s great plan of creation is that everything which He created shall blend in one harmonious whole, circling round His throne in sublime majestic strains of earth and heaven, sea and sky, surging ocean and majestic, forest, sun, moon, and planets, all playing the divine music o f His sublime creation. Through the blue canopy of the heavens, into the ethereal vaults of heaven, the home and abiding place of the Most .High, the melodies o f God’s chorus resound. H I HETHER was speaking

“ B i o l a ” ’' rofessor N ield , head of the music department o f the Bible Institute and choirmaster of the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, has, with his talented wife, given to Biola a splendid new school song. The writing was no mere mechanical piece o f work. Ra­ ther, it was the outgrowth o f reverent appreciation and extended vision. To use Mrs. Nield’s own words: ‘‘ When I first saw the Bible Insti­ tute of Los Angeles, nearly six years ago, it was not the fine architecture or the size o f the building that impressed me most. It was the words carved over the entrance, ‘For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven.’ How they embody the great principle for which the Institute stands—the sure foundation, the unfaltering teachingl It was chiefly this idea, with the thought of this message being carried over the world by those who have been taught within the Institute’s por­ tals, that I have tried to express in thy words o f the B iola song.”


given the gift of the poet’s pen or the musician’s art. But we can all make our life a song, if we will. The music of our lives can only hope to be music to God’s ears when our natures are redeemed and refined, attuned through His marvelous grace in and through the cross of Calvary. There God was making possible the renewing of the har­ monies of His love which had been lost. Sin had brought discords and dissonances into this symphony, which were never in the heart of the great Master of the Symphony. What a glorious day it will be when the redeemed sing in perfect tune with the rest of God’s celestial orchestra and chorus ! John, in the book of Revelation, gives us a little insight into the glory and grandeur of this completed symphony which is yet to be. The music of life may not seem so sweet in the evening. as in the morning. But night has a gracious ministration in renewing and retuning our natural vitality. The body is the only instrument through which we can praise Him. It must be kept fit. It requires rests as well as notes to make a measured bar of music. Just so, wise work and wise rest are indispensable factors in producing the best music in our lives. We have lost the art of true living. We are all very busy trying to get somewhere or attempting to do some­ thing, and when we have got there, or done something, what have we got or done that the Lord would commend

T he I mportance of the R eceiving S et Professor Albertson, with his own receiving machine, says that it is a demonstrable fact that every star and planet gives off its own sound: first, by the motion of the stars through space; second, by their inherent and reflected light. The spheres give motion to ether, as does also light, together producing the sweetest music, the music of the spheres. The marvels of radio were just as possible two thousand years ago as they are today. Man, however, had not then produced a receiving instrument capable of pick­ ing up the marvelous sound waves. May it not also be true that the reason we do not get the great spiritual mes­ sages from the heart of our loving Father is that our spiritual receiving instruments are out of order and incap­ able o f receptivity? The human ear is a marvelous creation, but it is lim­ ited. When vibrations get above twenty-five hundred beats per second, or below thirty-three vibrations per sec­ ond, the human ear cannot record them on the inner ear of the brain. This is the reason the piano has only seven and one-third octaves. But when the vibrations get above ten thousand beats per second, then the eye picks them up, as light with its harmony in color. So, after all, the ear and the eye are but parts of the human receiving set which man is capable o f tuning in to listen to the music of God’s symphony. And there is a finer instrument in man’s

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