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July 1932


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concerning the thorough and complete work of God in dealing with sin. “ Never does light and peace so fill my heart,” said Dr. Chalmers, “ as when, like a little child, I take up the lesson that God hath laid on His own Son the iniquity of us all.” More than a century ago, the following words appeared in a gospel magazine, To have guilt removed by faith in the blood of Jesus, to enjoy the peace o f God by faith in the obedience and atonement o f Jesus, to live, walk, and go forward in the free and full belief that the blood o f Jesus Christ cleanseth from all sin, is the one thing needful. And there is nothing more neglected, either in preaching, conversation, or experience, than this. No M ore O ffering for S in All that has been considered thus far is intended to lead to the climactic words of verse 18, “ There is no more offering for sin.” No substitute for, or supplement to, the one offering made by our Lord is needed or required. Human service and sacrifice, repentance and resolution, penance and piety, prayer and praise, character and con­ duct, purpose and plan are all excluded as “ offering for sin.” These qualities are very desirable and beautiful as the products of saving grace, but never as a procuring cause of that grace, nor as a resting place for conscience. The soul’s approach to God must ever be based upon the words of verses 19 and 20—having boldness through the blood of Jesus and having a High Priest over the house of God, let us draw near. Arise, my soul, arise! Shake off thy guilty fears; Summer Conferences T he K ing ’ s B usiness is glad to announce the follow­ ing summer conferences, at all of which Dr. Charles G. Trumbull, Editor of The Sunday School Times, will speak. AUGUST 2-14.—-Flagstaff, Ariz., Southwest Bible and Missionary Conference. This is the Twenty-ninth An­ nual Conference, ministering to Indians and missionaries to Indians; address the President, Rev. James R. Smith, Fort Defiance, Ariz. AUGUST 14-21.— San Diego, Calif., First Baptist Church, Dr. John Bunyan Smith, pastor. Victorious Life Conference under auspices of Southwestern Bible Confer­ ence Association. AUGUST 28 to SEPTEMBER 2.—-Portland, Ore. Victorious Life Conference, arranged by Union Gospel Mission with a number of churches participating. Address the Superintendent of the Mission, Rev. Ezra S. Gerig, 3 North Third Street, Portland. SEPTEMBER 6-11.— Seattle, Wash., First Presby­ terian Church, Dr. Mark A. Matthews, pastor. Victorious Life Conference. The bleeding Sacrifice In my behalf appears; Before the throne, my Surety stands, My name is written on His hands. He ever lives above, For me to intercede, His all-redeeming love, His precious blood to plead; With confidence I now draw nigh, And “ Father, Abba, Father,” cry. 1

pass except the high priest once every year. Over against this, read the words of verse 5, “ A body hast thou pre­ pared me.” In this body, the Saviour came that He might do the will of God, that He might be obedient even unto death (v. 10). Through the offering of this body of Jesus Christ once for all, we are sanctified, that is, separated from sin unto God. Then, in order to make the matter complete and final, we are taught (v. 14) that by one offering He hath perfected forever them that are sanctified. There is no veil now, nothing between. These two verses, 10 and 14, should be read and memorized, eaten and digested by meditation, so that their comfort and strength may pass into our very souls. No more conscience of sins and no more existence of sins because the believer is sanctified and perfected forever by the redemptive work of our divine Lord ! We can never walk with God unless we agree with Him. We must agree with Him in the declarations of His Word concerning the taking away of our sins. It will be well at this point to recall the words in Hebrews 9 :26, “ He appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.” Himself! Can you measure Him, the Son of God, and God the Son? No. Then you need not expect to measure the value of His sacrifice. Only the Infinite One can do that. You can, however, believe the Word of the Infinite One concerning the utter and absolute putting away of sins and, as a consequence, realize in experience what the Word so plainly declares—no more conscience of sins. God desires a people emancipated and free, standing fast in the liberty of the gospel (Gal. 5 :1 ). Freedom is essential to loving and effective service. Zacharias, the priest, gave utterance to this fact when he said, “ We being delivered out of the hands of our enemies might serve him without fear.” One of our enemies from which we must be freed is an evil or accusing conscience, which is the very opposite of the ideal presented to us in the words, “ no more conscience of sins.” Thousands of people, every Sunday, repeat in their churches the words, “ I believe in the forgiveness of sins.” Do they really believe this? Is there “ no more conscience of sins,” because their sins have been put away by an act of God’s righteous grace so that, before Him, there is no more existence of sins ? The story of Martin Luther is in point here., “ Martin,” said the old monk, “ dost thou believe in the forgiveness of s.ins?” “ Yes, verily,” said Martin. “ Martin, Martin, dost thou believe in the forgiveness of thy sins ? Dost thou believe in the forgiveness of thine own sins?” No M ore R emembrance of S ins According to verse 15, the Holy Spirit is a Witness to us of these very truths. He testifies of no more conscience of sins, o f no more existence of sins, and then, in verse 17, of no more remembrance of sins. Something final and total must have been done at Calvary when God dealt with our sins in order that such words as these might be writ­ ten: “ Their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.” . If they are not remembered, it is because they have been really and actually put away and do not exist. The one sacrifice for sin has done its work—done it com­ pletely.

Oh, the love that drew salvation’s plan, Oh, the grace that brought it down to man, Oh, the mighty gulf that God did span At Calvary.

I f you want to live in a state of spiritual revival, you must let the Holy Spirit speak this message to your soul

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