King's Business - 1932-07

July 1932

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The Jewish Journal (San Francisco) and listen to the heartbreaking challenge of a Jew, Leo J. Rabinowitz: Is the mandate o f the civilized world to be recalled? Is the final.award o f justice by the League o f Nations to be revoked upon the challenge o f mobs who reveal them­ selves as uncivilized savages, murderers of the aged, of women, and o f children, who flee from the scenes o f their massacres with arms full o f loot and pillage? On be­ half of the Zionist Organization, there is but one answer. For two thousand years, Jewish blood has been spilt; oceans o f blood have flowed, and yet it is not sufficient. . . . The Jewish pioneer will live on and fight on and die, if need be, in defense o f his right. W e Jews answer the challenge, and we say to the Arabs, to Great Britain, and to the civilized world. . . . Justice is with the Jew. W e will continue to pour forth millions; our men and our women and children will continue to go forth undeterred and undismayed. In Palestine, there will arise again a Jewish homeland. This is riot only our desire. This is the necessity and the mercy and the justice of history. In the same issue, Rabbi Louis I. Newman closes an article of similar import with the c ry : “ The pain of being a Jew ! It burns fiercely now ! But the morrow will come, and the torment will abate. Once more we shall stand erect, restored and reborn, with the slogan again on our lips: Forward and Eastward. Kadimah!” All of which is true! But, oh, could they behold and know the face of their Redeemer before they pass into the fire! Yet blest be the furnace that shall bring to their midst the Son of Man, who is the Son of God!

The Counterclaims of Esau and Jacob The counterclaims o f Esau and Jacob are flying thick and fast. Not long ago, the Jews of Morocco circulated cards upon which was a map of Arabia crossed with the names of the twelve tribes of Israel, and beneath were the words, “ Thy land, O Immanuel” (Isa. 8 :8 ). Israel Zangwill said: The only solution o f this difficulty lies in the consid­ eration that Palestine is not so much occupied by the Arabs as overrun by them. They are nomads who have created in ^Palestine neither material nor spiritual values. To treat them, therefore, on the same basis, as, say, the Belgians, would be to follow an analogy which does not exist. Like Napoleon and the American millionaires, “W e must deal in futures.” Again: We cannot allow the Arabs to block so valuable a piece o f reconstruction, so romantic a reparation, to the race o f the apostles. And, therefore, we must gently per­ suade them to “trek” ! But the Arab answer to all this is, “ We won’t trek!” Just a few weeks ago, the Arab Executive in Jerusalem made an appeal to the Arabs of the world to rally to the cause of maintaining Palestine for their race, protesting against the recent letter of Ramsay MacDonald outlining the British Mandate policy. The manifesto declared that “ Palestine is Arab and shall remain Arab, and no authority in the world should dispose of our country contrary to the will of its people. European authorities divided the Arab countries into many countries and gave the Jews the Bal­ four Declaration. But now the Arab would stand as one man to fight for the honor o f its religion and country.” King Feisal, to whom we have already referred as an aspirant to the “ throne of David,” several years ago plainly stated to a representative of The Jewish Chronicle: Palestine is, and must remain, part and parcel of Syria. From the point o f view o f the Arab, Palestine is a province, not a couritry, and our intention is to build up an Arab empire, which must consist, as a minimum, o f -- Mesopotamia, Syria, and Palestine. From that we can­ not recede. There is not an Arab throughout the world who would not resent any whittling down o f this, our minimum claim. Back in 1925, the British Minister for the Colonies received in Jerusalem delegates representing the various populations of Palestine. At this meeting, the Arabs, pro­ tested against Jewish immigration, Jewish agriculture, and Jewish schools and colleges. The Minister called attention to the fact that the Jews were bringing money and a new energetic spirit into Palestine, reclaiming its wastes. He pleaded that the Arabs might well emulate the example the Jews were setting and devote themselves to the arts of peace and prosperity. The only .Arab answer was absolute silence until, at last, Emir Omar el-Bittar, of Jaffa, drew himself up to cry: “ In al-Din-din, Yehudi ibn Yehudi!” (Cursed be the faith of thy faith, O Jew, son of a Jew!) This answer is profoundly symbolic of the spirit of the whole Moslem-Arab world today. But the hope of Israel lives on—eternally! For generations and generations, Is­ rael has sat in Galuth, saying, ever saying: “ This year here! Next year in Yerushelayim!” When shall that “ next year” come? The Vision of Obadiah That it shall come is as sure as the Word of the Eter­ nal can make it! Esau has not redeemed his inheritance, [Continued on page 317]

Summer Cruise


AUGUST IS TO 24 1932

B r . R oy T almage B rumbaugh , pastor of the First Presby­ terian Church, Tacoma, Wash., will conduct the Christian Broadcast Bible Cruise to Alaska on the steamship Dorothy Alexander, leaving Seattle, Wash., August IS and returning Au­ gust 24. Bible conferences have been held heretofore on the shore of a lake, at a mountain resort, or in a church, but the Bible Con­ ference Cruise is of recent origin. Two such will be held on the Atlantic Coast this year. The Christian Broadcast Bible Cruise will be the first on the Pacific Coast. One hour each morning will be given to systematic Bible study. Private and group conferences will be arranged for the discussion o f personal, spiritual, and ethical problems. There will be a popular gospel service each evening. En route visits will be made at Victoria (Canada), Ketchi­ kan, Wrangell, Petersburg, Juneau, historic Skagway and roman­ tic Sitka, with special call at titanic Taku Glacier. Majestic moun­ tains, miles-wide glaciers, curious totems, colorful Indians, quaint cities, and awe-inspiring beauty will greet the tourist at every turn. The ship is your home for the entire round trip and the low fare o f ninety dollars, with first-class'accommodations, includes berth, meals, everything! For information write The Christian Broadcast, Division at Tacoma Ave., Tacoma, Wash., or the Pa­ cific Steamship Company, 1021 Pacific Ave., Tacoma and the Stewart Bldg., Seattle, Wash.

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