King's Business - 1932-07

July 1932

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umor KING ’S BUSINESS . . . B y M artha S. H ooker

Him clearly, love Him dearly, and make Him known.” Then out into the darkness we go, back to tent or home, rejoicing that we have had the privilege of singing in the dark­ ness of the far-away land of the black boys and girls— “the Light of the world is Jesus.” K. Y. B. Club The K.Y.B. Club is the Know Your Bible^ Club, for readers of the . J unior K ing ’ s B usiness page. One can become a member of this club by first writing for a Gospel o f John. After this has been read through and a statement is returned to this effect, signed by parent or guardian, one becomes a member o f the Know Your Bible Club and will receive a K .Y .B .C pin. Address: Junior Dept, o f T he K ing ’ s B usiness , 536 So. Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif. One of China’s Needy Little Ones B y I saac P age * I t was a very hard road, and part of it wound through a long, rocky gorge. Our party -consisted of several Chi­ nese Christians and myself, returning from a week-end preaching engagement in the mountains in West China. To the left o f us was a cliff that reared its head to the skies, and on the right a precipice cov­ ered with stunted trees and bushes, which dropped several hundred feet down to the river below us. The path on which we were traveling was very narrow, and it did not seem as if there could be any one in the vicinity, so you may imagine my surprise when I saw a small, dirty hand sticking up from the lower side o f the road, and grasping a branch o f red poisonous berries. I looked down to see to whom the hand belonged, and there was a small boy, eight or nine years o f age, gaunt and emaciated from famine, standing in a precarious position and using all his little strength to get the berries. “What are you doing there, Son?” I said, fearing he might get hurt. He was badly frightened, for we had come upon him suddenly, and white men with blue eyes had been used as a “buga­ boo” to scare him in times past, and now he was face to face with one o f them! But he answered, “I’m picking these berries, Mister.” I expressed surprise that -he should be in so dangerous a place gathering these worthless and poisonous berries, and I asked him, “What are you going to do with them when you get them?” He replied, “Lam going to eat them.” “ But,” I said, “they are poisonous and will kill y ou !” I was amazed to hear the answer from

SONGS IN THE NIGHT B y F rederick E. H olland *

dark shining faces and bright curious eyes peer curiously at the white-skinned vis­ itors. A child in its mother’s arms is fond­ ly caressed and occasionally spat upon by the mother as an extra blessing. A couple of sheep pull some leaves from a bunch of sweet potato vines hung conveniently near, and chew contentedly upon them. Several goats nudge and gently push each other as they seek a more comfortable place or position not far from the fire. A black calf with a white face moves a little closer and pushes a moist nose close enough to the visitors’ faces until she can affectionately steal a salty kiss from his perspiring cheek! Several chickens blink their sleepy eyes as a foolish rooster, thinking the fire­ light is the dawning o f day, begins to crow lustily. Nothing scatters gladness like singing, and nothing drives away darkness like songs o f light and love, so we sing in that vile, filthy hovel. W e sing hymns of praise to the living God—hymns of light to scat­ ter darkness, hymns o f peace that bring courage and confidence, hymns o f joy that comfort the heart, hymns o f Calvary that proclaim redemption, and hymns of faith that make Jesus real. As the fire dies down, dry twigs are added; and as the fire blazes up, the little hut and huddled fig­ ures stand out in the fire’s fitful glow. In such a hut, too, we speak o f a heavenly home and o f the Good Shepherd who gave His life for the sheep. Then we pray, “Dear Lord, kindle a fire in our hearts that shall give light and warmth, comfort and courage, consuming all dross, reveal­ ing Jesus to us in our darkness, He who is the Light o f the world. Help us to see A Child’s Prayer of Consecration Little hands I bring, O Father, Teach them loving things to do, Eyes for seeing, ears for hearing, Feet for loving service, too. All I am, dear Father, take, Make me Thine, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

ome w it h m e , boys and girls, and let us visit a hom e in the fa r-aw a y land o f the black boys and girls. We will take a walk in the darkness and travel along a crooked, winding, narrow path through the jungle forest. Over hills and through valleys we go, until we reach a little hut. It nestles in the darkness within a large palisade of thorny branches, and my, how glad we are that we are not barefooted, because there are many thorns which enter deeply when trodden upon by shoeless feet! W e announce our arrival, and a large bunch o f thorns is pulled aside from the entrance to allow us to enter. W e stoop low to enter the compound. But hark! What sound is that? It sounds so strange and weird. Again and again we hear it saying, “Who-oo-oo, w ho-oo-oo!” The heathen hearts o f the black boys and girls, who do not know the Lord Jesus,, think it is an evil spirit calling in the darkness, but to us it seems to be a voice in that darkness calling and asking, “Who will come to bring the light for their darkened souls?” Our hearts turn to the Lord Jesus and say, “Here am I, dear Lord, and I’m so glad I answered the call.” Having entered the compound, we pass through the midst of the cattle, which are docile creatures with humps on their backs. They turn their heads and look a little sus­ piciously at the strangers in their midst. W e stoop again, very low, to enter the tiny door o f the nearest hut, and we must sit in that crowded, hot, dimly-lighted, ill­ smelling hut. It is a grass-thatched, dome­ shaped hovel. W e try to sit very close to the door. Our eyes smart because o f the smoke. No, there is no chimney provided for the smoke, and what does not go up through the thatched roof must go out through the top o f the doorway. Sticks are thrown on the fire, which soon blazes up and lights up the hovel. Now we can see more clearly—several

*Missionary o f the Africa Inland Mission.

*Missionary o f the China Inland Mission.

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