King's Business - 1932-07


J ames A. V aus

S tewart P. M ac L ennan

S tanley B ailes

M rô . J. B. N ield

M rs . A. L. D ennis

C utler B. W hitwell Sup’t of Men

M rs . E dith G. W allace Sup’t of Women

W illiam P. W hite , President

H. E. S traub , D.D.S.

M rs . E dith P. Y oungken Registrar

I one L owman

J. B. N ield

J ohn A. H ubbard

G ordon E. H ooker

R obert E vans

M el E. T rotter , Vice-President

L ucy R. K ilgore , M.D.

A. H arris , M.D.

H arold F. G raham L ouis T. T albot Fourteenoftheabovefacultymembersare "‘Dollar-a -Year

M ilo F. J amison

R oss

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