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T h e K i n g ’ s B u s i n e s s

July 1932

great spiritual blessing found in the study of the Bible, made possible through the free fund o f the Bible Institute: “Dear friends: You have made me in­ deed very happy in seeing that these les­ sons were sent me, because they bring me near to Jesus. . . When some men here ask how we can believe in the Bible, well, I just tell them it is God’s Word, and he that believes in His W ord has ever­ lasting life and is at peace with God.” You may share in this ministry by send­ ing your gift, no matter how small, to the Secretary of the Correspondence School, Bible Institute o f Los Angeles, 536 So. Hope Street, Los; Angeles, California. Intercourse with God B or intercourse with God, His Word and prayer are both indispensable; and in the inner chamber they should not be separated. In His Word, God speaks to me ; in prayer, I speak to God. The W ord teaches me to, know the God to whom I pray; it teaches me how He would have me pray. It gives me precious promises to encourage me in prayer. It often gives me wonderful answers to prayer. The Word comes from God’s heart, and brings His thoughts and His love into my heart. And then the W ord goes back from my heart into His great heart of love, and prayer is the means of fellow­ ship between God’s heart and mine. The Word teaches me God’s will—the will of His promises as to what He will do for me, as food for my faith, and also the will o f His commands, to which I surrender myself in loving obedience. C ommunion W are of Q uality ) ■ In Aluminum or Silver Plate BEST materials •LOWEST prices T S 'M r ■ FINEST WORKMANSHIP 1 « S en dfo r Illu stra ted Catalog INDIVIDUAL COMMUNION SERVICECO. ROOM 366 1701-03 CHESTNUT STREET. P H ILA D ELP H IA .». Please Mention The King’s Business FEET HU R T ? T T t t t PAINS TH DOUGH LEG, KNEE B u n io n c a u s e d BY SPREAD INC NEED NOT ANY MORE New System— Relief by Mail For people living outside of Los Angeles you can take your own impression of your feet same as dentists take impression of the mouth. The world's greatest sys­ tem of foot correction by mail. Believing pains in the feet, legs, knee, back and thigh. You will marvel at results. - Endorsed by many prominent people including Bev. J. E. Jaderquist, Executive Secretary, Bible House of Los Angeles, and many other prominent people. Write for free literature explaining our work fully. SMITH SYSTEM OF FOOT CORRECTION 510 Broadway Arcade Bldg. Dept. K. Los Angeles, California. Gentlemen: Please send me without obligation your booklet on foot correction by mail. THIGH, HiPS a n d b a c k . TWINGES THROUCH INSTEP- GAINS LIKE HOT IRON JUST BEHIND TOES AND IN BALL HAMMER TOES' CRAMPING, COONS 'ANKLES ACHING AND SWOLLEN

ance, its Beginning and Ending, “which is and which was, and which is to come.” —-C. R. H urditch . AUGUST 14 P erhaps T oday “ To wait for his Son from heaven” (1 Thess. 1:10). Long has the vexed world waited The peace that He came to bring; Long have the turbulent peoples Looked for a righteous King; Long have His faithful servants Watched for their absent Lord. Long, but the hour draws nearer, The Bridegroom comes from afar; When the night of the age is darkest W e shall see the Morning Star. Evil is growing stronger, And hearts are sick with fear; But our hope is growing brighter, For we know that the hour is near. argument, by a visitor, against religious instruction o f the young. His caller had concluded with the statement of his de­ termination not to “prejudice” his children in favor o f any form of religion, but to allow them, at maturity, to ch oose' for themselves. Coleridge made no immediate comment, but shortly afterward asked this same visitor if he would like to see his garden. Receiving a reply in the affirma­ tive, he led his guest to a strip of lawn overgrown with weeds. “Why, this is no garden. It is nothing but a weed patch,” said the guest. “Oh,” replied Coleridge, “that is because it has not come to its age of discretion and choice. The weeds you see have taken the opportunity to grow, and I thought it un­ fair in me to prejudice the soil toward roses and strawberries.” — W esleyan M ethodist . A Worth-While Ministry “I was in prison and ye came unto me" (Matt. 25:36). For a number o f years, the Correspon­ dence School o f the Bible Institute of Los Angeles has, through the generosity of its friends, maintained a free fund for the purpose o f supplying Bible study courses to those who are confined in penal institutions throughout the land. The following letter, written by an in­ mate o f one o f our state institutions to the chaplain of that institution, reveals a heart longing for a deeper knowledge of the things of God: “ I would like very much to have you call me out for an interview the first chance you have. I am not going to ask you for any kind o f help on the Parole Board, as I imagine some o f the fellows do. I have until next September to think of that. But what I am interested in is getting some book and some information regarding the Bible. I want a clear understanding of the Bible. Please keep this confidential, as I do not wish any one to think that I am using this religion as a means o f getting out, for that is certainly not my intention. I am interested simply for my own good.” The following testimony reveals the Long has His sad creation Waited redemption’s word; — A n n ie J oh n son F lin t . A Telling Object Lesson h e story is told o f the poet Coleridge, who had listened to quite a vehement

AUGUST 10 A ble to D o A n yth in g “ Believe ye that I am able to do this?” (Matt. 9:28). T o do what? In the case in which the words were first used, to give sight to the blind. A wonderful thing that ! But Jesus was able to do it. . . . One is embarrassed with the number and variety o f the argu­ ments for the great Master’s ability. Sure­ ly it will not seem unreasonable to be­ lieve that Jesus should be able to do all your soul can want, when you recollect who and what He is. Think for a mo­ ment o f the sources and resources of His power. Its springs lie deep in His divine nature. The voice that says, “I am able,” is “the voice that rolls the stars along.” That He should be equal to all emergen­ cies is only what we should expect of Him who is “the power o f God” ; that He should bestow great grace is only what we should look for from ’One who has trea­ sures and riches “unsearchable.” ;)*;^-J. B. F iggis . AUGUST 11 F inding th e P roper L evel “ The effectual fervent prayer o f a right­ eous man availeth much’’ (Jas. 5:16). We must learn to make prayer a busi­ ness. Carey was once reproached for going about preaching, because it led to the neg­ lect o f his business. “ Neglect o f my busi­ ness 1” responded he. “ My business is to extend the kingdom of God. I only cob­ ble shoes to pay expenses meanwhile.” Supplication, thanksgiving, intercession must be lifted to so high a plane that all lesser interests shall take their own proper lower level.—A. T. P ierson . AUGUST 12 W h y D o W e S top S h o rt ? “ For the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him” (Rom. 10:12). Let us grasp intelligently the program o f God. Here it is, clearly revealed in the Word o f God. But oh, how many o f us stop short! W e stop Him short. It is just as if we went to a wealthy man for a con­ tribution to some piece of work that com­ mended itself to his judgment. We see him take out his check book, and he puts down “ 1” with an “ 0” against it. We say, “ Thank you very much.” He says, “What are you thanking me for? I am going to put two more 00’s to it. You are thanking me for ten pounds, when I meant to give you a thousand pounds.” W e thank our Father for ten pounds when He wants to give us a thousand pounds. He wants to make us spiritual millionaires, and He will do so if we will only enter into His wonderful program of blessing. — T h e S u n day S chool T im e s . “He expounded unto them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself” (Lk. 24:27). Expressive words these, “in all the Scriptures, the things concerning himself.” Yes, blessed be God! He Himself is the Gem of Scripture; all else is but the set­ ting. He is the Soul dwelling within and shining through the body o f the Word. He is the Golden Thread running through and connecting every part o f its wonder­ ful garment. He is the Truth foreshad­ owed in every ancient and Levitical type, the great Amen of all the Spirit’s utter­ AUGUST 13 T h e A ntitype

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