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July 1932

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that never transpired! Or we hear: “ He is very solid, but not entertaining.” Marvelous indeed if he had been as solid as Jonathan Edwards and as great a liar as an even­ ing newspaper! In the Old Testament and in the New Tes­ tament regard was given to specialty of gift, to definiteness of position; having lost that regard, we have lost power. You do not say, “ The clock is an excellent timekeeper, but no use at all as a musical instrument.” You do not take up a trumpet and say, “ A finer instrument was never made to call men tb arms, but it is utterly useless if you want it to tell you the time of the day.” Every man in his own place, in his own sphere! The great question is not in what regi­ ment we are, but rather are we in the army o f Jesus Christ? To be in the army is the great consideration. There are no inferior places in the church. There may be valleys, but the valleys are in the Alps—even the depressed places are on the high mountains. To be on those moun­ tains at all is to be in an elevated position. Every Man in His Place I t is hard for men to keep their places. It is hard, be­ cause the next higher place appears to be so near and so accessible. It is always difficult for the heart to be quiet, contented, restful in God; it is ambitious in spirit, con­ scious of great power, and not wholly unconscious of great desert. But men fritter away their strength by finding fault with their position. We can only work really and deeply, and therefore lastingly, as we have the blessed

Commencement une 1, 1932 will long, be remembered as the closing of a most successful year of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. The commencement exercises began on the Sunday evening before, when the baccalaureate service was held. The sermon, which was evangelistic in character, was preached by a most loyal friend of the Institute, Rev. Louis T. Talbot, pastor of the Ghurch of the Open Door. Many came forward after the sermon, on invitation to con­ fess Jesus Christ as their Saviour. The class exercises were on Tuesday night, and were of a high spiritual order. On Wednesday evening, the commencement address was delivered by Dr. Louis S. Bauman, pastor of the First Brethren Church of Long Beach, and Dr. Charles E. Ful­ ler, of the Board of Directors, presented diplomas to 115 graduates. What of the Futureof the Bible Instituteof Los Angeles? e have never been so happy over any prospect! We have ■ never been more sure of the presence and favor of God. We were compelled to cut down our budget again, because for two years wehave determined to contract no more debt. We are living within our means. We have dropped a few members of. our faculty, but God has come to the rescue as usual. He has brought to us fourteen of the outstanding teachers of Southern California who receive their support from other sources. These are real teachers and not lec­ turers, and along with Professors Page, Hubbard, Black, Nield, Kilgore, and others of the old faculty, they will

consciousness of being where God has put us, and doing the kind of service God has indicated. The appoint­ ment may be an inferior one, but it is divine, and therefore if we answer it with faithfulness and obedience, we shall find in the discharge of its duties sweet comfort and a continual reinvigoration of our best motive and purpose. Whoever did see any reason why he should not be a great man! It is expecting much of hu­ man nature to expect it to be just what it is and to accept its position simply, loyally, gratefully; but only in such acceptance of position can men be their best and do their best. Let a preacher once get it into his mind that he ought to move in a larger circle, and have a pulpit twice the size of his present pulpit, and the ambition which moves his mind in that direction takes away from him much of his working strength; so that instead of filling the little sphere, or the sphere comparatively small, he shrinks within it and be­ comes, for all effective ■ service,- a smaller man than he really is. Let us accept our position, whatever it be, saying, “ God put me here; He

present the strongest Bible teaching program in the history of the Instil tute. Already applications from young men and women are coming in from all over the country, and we are expecting a very large student body next year. We have heavy financial burdens, but they are not too heavy for God, and our friends need not hesitate to support the Bible Institute of Los Angeles by prayer and gift. Diversity of Gifts T here is . a great evil in the church where the minister is ex­ pected to be a superman. In many places we have heard something like this: “ The minister is an excellent visitor, but he is a very poor preacher.” A marvelous thing it would have been if the same man had been both a preacher and a vis­ itor! Or we sometimes hear: “ No doubt he is a learned theologian, but he has no gift in the relation of an­ ecdotes.” A marvelous thing if he had been great in the theological metaphysics of the fathers, and pro­ found in his knowledge o f anecdotes

Make Me Kind So many hearts are breaking And many more are aching To hear the tender word. God make me kind! For I myself, am learning That my sad heart is yearning For some sweet word to heal my hurt. O Lord, do make me kind. God make me "kind! So many hearts are needing The balm to stop the bleeding That my kind words can bring. God make me kind! For I am also seeking The cure in some one’s keeping They should impart to my sick heart. O Lord, do make me kind. ■ God make me kind!

So many hearts are lonely And asking for this only — The kind and tender word. God make me kind!

To all who mutely ask it Before they fill the casket Or bouquets may be wreaths one day, O Lord, do make me kind. —D uncan M c N eil .

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