King's Business - 1932-07

-DAVID Psalm 22 THE KING OF KINGS Revelation 17:14 ISAIAH- Isaiah 53 Original Paintings by Dr. Peter Plotkin A full-color reproduction offered to readers of The K ing’s Business

Almost a year ago, Dr. Peter Plotkin, an artist of dis­ tinction, and formerly of the Imperial Russian Acad­ emy, commenced work on three striking paintings for the Bible Institute. A beautiful full-color process re­ production of the paintings is now available. The above is a picture of the reproduction handsomely framed. Read the offer. Dr. Plotkin was awarded the prize of the American Legion several years ago when he portrayed the Lord Jesus Christ in the wake of battle in the midst of dead and dying in the oil painting, “ N ever A lo n e .“

THE OFFER The King’s Business magazine for one year and a full- color process reproduction of Dr: Peter Plotkin’s oil

paintings, “ David,” "Isaiah,” and “ The King of Kings.” Size I2 "x24 ." Including all the costs of postage . . .


The King’s Business magazine for one year and the full-color process reproduction of the Dr. Plotkin

paintings, handsomely framed. In­ cluding all the costs of postage . . , 25c to be added for Canadian and foreign subscriptions.

* 3 .75

for your Church or for yourself through secur­ ing subscriptions to . . .

The K in g ’s Business in our World- Wide Subscrip­ tion Campaign

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THE KING’S BUSINESS 536 So. Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif. Please send The King’s Business to the following address: □ Enclosed find $1.50 for I year. * 0 $1.75 \ year and Dr. Plotkin’s picture. 0 $3.75 I year and framed picture. 0 Please send descriptive bulletin of Correspond­ ence courses. 0 Biola A n n u ity Booklet No. 732. 0 L a t e s t c a t a lo g u e of Biola Books. 0 Please send full particu­ lars of your World-W ide Subscription Campaign.

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