Clean Air Industries Welding Education Solutions

For over 30 years, Clean Air Industries has been the trusted choice of hundreds of schools and institutions across North America. We provide products and services of the highest quality, adhering to strict industry standards and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to ensure that our equipment meets the most demanding requirements, and keeps students safe.



Clean AirIndustries isa leading innovatorofairfiltration products,engineered forenvironm entaland econom ic excelence.In addition to providing solutions for large m anufacturing environm ents, we have long been recognized astheindustrystandard fortradeschoolsand welding labsacrossthe country. Clean AirIndustriessolutionsare broad and oferbenefits oflowerinstalcosts,less m aintenance,and low energy costswhile im proving m orale and workenvironm entsby protecting students, teachers, and equipm ent from potentialyhazardouscontam inants.

Health & Safety Exposure to weld fume and smoke can pose various health risks.The specific health efects depend on the com position ofthe fum es,the duration and intensity of exposure,and individualsusceptibilty.Here are som e potentialhealth risks associated with exposure to weld

fum e and sm oke: •Respiratory Issues •Lung Dam age • Cancer •NeurologicalEfects 1-866-665-1829

Weldstation™ Dual byClean AirIndustries

Regulatory Com pliance Health and safetyissuesare being taken veryseriouslyby a growing num berofschools and com panies as OSHA, International,and industrystandardsincrease. Many large US m anufacturers are planning ahead and adopting European exposure lim itsasa globalstandard for their entire com pany and are exceeding OSHA Standards.

To m eet these standards,facilties m ust im plem ent a highlyeficientdustand fum e filtration system to filterout the harm fulparticulate. The exposure lim itsthese com paniesare targeting range from .02 – 1m g/m 3 depending on com pany policy,wel below the 5m g/m 3standard setbyOSHA. 1-866-665-1829


W eldStation TM Dual The Clean AirIndustries W eldStation™ Dual isthe prem ier weld fum e extraction solution used in hundredsoftrade schoolsand welding labsaround the country. Featuring a ductlessdesign and 4,000 CFM ofairflow,the W eldStationDualisa durable,dependable,easy-to-instal turnkeybooth solution designed forheavy-dutyuse. No additionalaccessories,ductwork or fum e capture arm sare required.

CentralDustColectors BRAHM ™ & Am tech CentralDust & Fum e Colectors ofers a broad selection of configurations for you to choose from foryourtraining environm ent. Ranging from two (2)to eighty(80)cartridge optionswith up to 40,500 CFM ofairflow,Clean AirIndustries central dust & fum e colectors efectively capture airborne contam inantsforacleanerand safertraining facilty."

Central Dust & Fume Colectors can be further customized to meet your specific operationalneeds. 1-866-665-1829


W elding Booths Available in various sizes and configurations to suityour needs,Clean AirIndustries BoltTogetherW elding Booths are the industry standard for use with ducted fum e extraction system s.They feature quality & perform ance forthe welding educationalfield. Owing to theirsim ple bolttogetherdesign,assem bly is quickand easy with m inim allaborrequired and can be configured in variouslayoutsto m atch yourfloorspace.

Fum eCaptureArm s Clean Air Industries hanging Fume Capture Arms com bine solid m etal construction with 360 degree m ovem entto provide durabiltyand ease ofuse. Available sizes:

•7'(yourchoice of6"or8"diam eter) •10'(yourchoice of6"or8"diam eter) 1-866-665-1829


DowndraftTables Using a source capture solution ofers the best m ethod forcontroling harm fulfum es,sm oke,and dustbycapturing airbornecontam inantsbeforethey can enterthe operator'sbreathing zone. Clean Air Industries Downdraft Tables provide performance, durabilty, and peace of mind available in varioussizeswith m ultiple configurations to addressyourtraining needs.

Portable Fum e Extractors Clean Air Industries Portable Fume Extractors are the perfectsource capture solution forharnessing weld and solderfum es when easy transportand positioning are required. Featuring a self-cleaning system forextended filterlife, and 1,200 CFM ofairflow,our Portable Fum e Extractors consistently outperform com petitive units with a draw distance ofnearlytwo feet. 1-866-665-1829


Am bientAirCleaners Clean Air Industries ofers a range of Am bient Air Cleaners thatefectively capture fugitive sm oke,fum e, and dustthroughoutyourfaciltywith no ducting required. Our DFX Series of Ambient Air Cleaners can be suspended orwal-m ounted.The DFX Seriescan be used as either a prim ary or secondary level of defense, depending on the layoutand size ofyourfacilty.

Our Am tech EBM Am bient Colector Series ofers an easyand efective am bient solution foryourfacilty by creating a constant series of air changes in your welding space with minimal floor space required.

Environm entalBooths Clean Air Industries Environmental Booths prevent harm fuldust,fum e,and sm oke from escaping the booth enclosure while filtering the airwithin the booth.The result issafe,clean airforeveryone inside yourfacilty. Available in m anysizesand configurations. 1-866-665-1829


MobileW elding Labs Mobile Welding Labs have grown in popularity during recent years, owing to their abilty to provide a com prehensive training environm entin rem ote areas. Mobile W elding Labsare fulycustom izable and available in varioussizesup to 53'in length.Clean AirIndustrieshas designed and manufactured custom mobile welding certification labs fora wide variety oftechnicaltraining schools and community coleges to train and certify welderson properwelding techniquesand procedures.

YourTrusted Partner. Forover30years,CleanAirIndustrieshasbeenthetrusted choice of hundreds of schools and institutions across America. W e provide productsand servicesofthe highestquality, adhering to strict industry standards and leveraging cuting-edge technologiesto ensure thatourequipm ent m eets the m ost dem anding requirem ents,and keeps studentssafe.

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