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The Newsletter About Achieving and Maintaining Optimal Well-Being March 2017 “ Improving My Posture Has Benefited Me In So May Ways!” Change Your Posture, Improve Your Life

the body and digestion. Many chronic conditions are linked to poor posture and changes to the structure of the body. Just look in the mirror, is your posture the same as when you were younger? Posture is more than just a function of the way someone stands or sits. For example, it also impacts how much pressure these positions place on the lower back and other muscles and joints. What’s more, posture can be a reflection of a person’s overall health, fitness, and the body’s strength and weaknesses. There are many factors in people’s daily lives that can sabotage posture and throw the body off-balance, such as sitting at a desk for long periods, frequently cradling a phone between the ear and the shoulder, hunching over a laptop, or continually looking down at a smartphone. The body was not physiologically designed to stay in one position, and if you go a long time without changing your position, it can start to stress your body’s tissues. Poor posture leads to excessive strain on your joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. It also weakens many of the core muscles that are needed to keep you upright and healthy. Posture changes occur over time and most people don’t pay attention to them until they are unhappy with the way their body looks or starts to hurt. Posture can be improved A physical therapist may closely watch the way a person walks across a room, to look for any physical imbalances. To improve posture, a physical therapist may need to manually correct someone’s posture so that a person knows what position his or her body needs to be in, or demonstrate how to do certain exercises that could improve tight muscles or help strengthen them. Our physical therapists are experts in evaluating posture and movement. By pinpointing the source of your aches and pains, we can develop a plan for you that will return you to a more youthful posture and quickly relieve your pain. Call us today to learn more how we can improve your posture and help you lead a pain free active life.

“ Back pain accounts for 10 percent of primary care physician visits and $86 billion in annual healthcare spending. ” - Spine, September 2009

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