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S eptember 2019

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S tuck in the M ud ?

We are passionate about our work, the technical details in the skill, and problem solving, but what brings us together the most?We all have the same goal, which is not about us, but rather about getting YOU better. Inmedicine, there are often egos that get in the way of caring for patients. As a team, we are focused outward, with our rewards being your ‘wins’. You got to do the hike that you’ve wanted, you traveled across the globe, you were able to get down on the floor and play with your kids (or furry family). Those feed our passions and keep us working to always do better. This year, we have added to our team yet again. Sue Roth was part of a team with Candis and I many moons ago, and we are delighted to have her join us at PT 360. The seamlessness with which Sue has joined our teamhas been no surprise. Sue comes with the true talent, skill, curiosity, and caring that I hope everyone sees as a hallmark of the care we provide. We have our‘DreamTeam’in full swing. Next time you get stuck (sometimes literally) and unable to be fully engaged in the fun, active, forward-moving life that you expect, think of our dream team. There’s no easier way to get pulled out of the muck than with the team with the skill and plan to get you there. Just picture us with a pickup, pulley ropes, engineering plans, coordinated response, and that extra loving push. We’ll get dirty with you too! Shelly Coffman –-Shelly Coffman

We are very fortunate to have so many wonderful folks choose to come to us to help solve their health problems. We truly enjoy the relationships we build, the process of unpacking the puzzle to get to an accurate diagnosis, helping build the road map and plan to get you back to your goals. We know you don’t come to us because your shoulder (or knee, or back…) hurts. You come because you can’t play tennis, can’t sit very long for work, can’t enjoy your daily walk with your partner, or simply can’t sleep. You make the phone call and come through the door to get back to a version of your life that works. Not the one that is full of fits and starts and hard stops. You make the choice to invest the time and energy with us, entrusting us to help steer you back to that better place, wherever that may be. The fact that we are able to steer together as a team is a benefit both to us as practitioners and to the patients we serve. Our team is a talented one. I like to say we are a unicorn practice. Each member of our professional team has more than 20 years of experience, in addition to a plethora of post professional training that most providers don’t attain. We have geeky training we’ve shared among us, as well as offshoots that have interested each of us, enabling both common threads and diversity in the care we provide. We enjoy all of you so much, and, to be honest, we enjoy each other just as much too.

According to Forbes, which took a comprehensive look at activewear fashion trends in 2016,“green is the new black.”That’s because for the last few years, more existing brands and fashion startups have shifted their priorities to put environmental sustainability— inmaterial sourcing, manufacturing, and even shipping— front and center. With the detrimental effects of climate change looming, a quick look at the industry’s environmental impact is eye-opening. Each piece of clothing you put on in the morning takes water, energy, and rawmaterials to produce, andmultiplied across the industry, those amounts are staggering. TheWorldWildlife Fund reports that it can take more than 713 gallons of water tomake the cotton for a single T-shirt. If the fashion industry were a country, it would be the world’s sixth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases with annual emissions equal to the annual output of 372 million cars. Compound that with dye runoff andmicroplastics in waterways, deforestation (tomake way for grazing and cotton planting), and the shrinking lifespan of clothing, and you have a little discussed environmental disaster that makes rising green brands look like fashion superheroes. Happily, those brands are H ow to D ress for E nvironmental S uccess at the G ym ATHLEISURE GOES GREEN

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