1. Early on, Guillon envisioned Gru as a kind of dark San was even made to look like a chimney in an initial desi villain needs henchmen, Gru was given a legion of sma overall-clad workers—his own company of “elves” (via sensibility, of course).


2. As the film continued to develop, the little helpers evolved to be robots. Robots would be more naïve, more fragile, and easier for Gru to torment and manipulate. The robot designs were an important breakthrough, as the little workers morphed into a simple shape with a single eye—a design decision meant to convey that they weren’t all that smart.


Miniatur-Minionsfiguren-Set (10 Figuren, H = ca. 5 cm)

bei Abnahme von 12/10 Ex. ISBN 978-3-95416-381-6

bei Abnahme von 6/5 Ex. ISBN 978-3-95416-382-3

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