6. The following iterations streamlined the design, helping to emphasize the Minions’ buzzy personalities and primitive forms.

The creation of the Minions was a collaboration between Eric Guillon and directors Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin that stretched over months and myriad design iterations.



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7. Finally, Guillon designed a few different body shapes and gave each figure a slightly different hairstyle to make them stand out. And with that, an icon was born.

5. The following design synthesized the robots’ oval shape and the lackeys’ blue overalls and came awfully close to the characters we know today. Close, but not quite. Until this point, all the Minions were designed to be exactly the same. Two-eyed Minions were added for variety’s sake.

3. The next iteration in the Minions evolution was a mix of the overall-clad elves and the one-eyed robots. By making the henchmen more organic, they were easier to connect and empathize with. 4. In this series of designs, Guillon flirted with different color possibilities for the henchmen.

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