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JUNE 2020

Rocking Out Like It’s the ‘60s


W ith World Music Day on June 21, I couldn’t let that slip by without talking about one of my favorite topics: classic rock ‘n’ roll. As a drummer who played actively in venues across the Michigan area as a kid, I adored the music scene and rock from the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. I’m talking about the greats of rock ballads, like The Guess Who and Creedence Clearwater Revival. I still play all the music I played back then. From records and CDs to USBs, I’ve always taken great care to preserve these soundtracks to my life. I’ve always been an adventurous, ambitious guy. As a 12-year-old, I pretended to be much older than I actually was. I played in bars, concert venues, weddings, and more with a bunch of my friends. My parents knew, too! They even attended multiple times. As I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters, I was a bit of a teenage delinquent, and music was a more productive way to spend my time. My parents encouraged my music endeavors, and in the end, their support helped me a lot. For one, it helped me understand how important support and flexibility would be to my life. They attended my concerts, but of course, my parents were more into the ‘50s stuff, like Doo-wop genre songs. Back in those days, we had

records playing in our house all the time. You’d sit around and play records because there was nothing else to do! Some of my fondest memories as a kid were having conversations with my parents about how talented performers were. Many celebrities had to entertain in several different ways to get really big, like sing, dance, act, etc. We loved talking about that, and I always strive to keep learning in my fields. Second, music has always been soothing for me. It promotes emotional reflection, whether you’re a kid or an adult. Heavy metal didn’t exist in my day — not to knock it down — but the rock ballads and their stories heavily shaped my perspective of music. They didn’t repeat verses as often as modern songs do today, which gave space for longer, more developed narrative verses, which I like. You probably wouldn’t have guessed I was in a rock band by looking at me today, but if you saw me back then, you would’ve known right away. I was a total hippie kid back in the day: long hair, beard, the whole deal. When my kids see pictures, they barely see any resemblance to me. It’s funny because my journey into law enforcement from my hippie days was basically overnight. I remember it clearly: I cut my hair, cleaned my beard,

and signed up for law enforcement college all in one day. I picked up my then-girlfriend from school, and she walked right past me because she didn’t recognize me. Music got me through a lot of tough times, but I knew when to move on from the band life. I didn’t pursue it because I wasn’t good enough to do it for the rest of my life, but I still enjoy it enough to keep it as part of my life. I always keep classic rock radio blasting on my commutes to work, and I still play the drums occasionally! We have a set of drums, and while I’m not proficient, my sons all play guitar, and two of them even play drums. I hope you and yours celebrate June with some awesome music, or maybe some good old tunes you’ve forgotten about. The right song can transport you to any point in your life, no matter how old you are. But if you’re looking for something from my time, check out “These Eyes” by The Guess Who — my absolute favorite song by my favorite band. If you don’t know much about The Guess Who or want to brush up on your music knowledge, check out the inside of this newsletter for your next music trivia night. Have a lovely and safe June, friends. -Rick Risk

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