Wellbeing Matters 2018

Middle School As the pupils grow older, the scale of the Dulwich campus gives them the space, both literally and metaphorically, to grow up – room to kick a ball around on the Tank Fields, chat to friends in a Cloister or watch cricket from the Clump. Environments matter and the majestic settings of the Barry Buildings and The Laboratory are a great inspiration in all weathers!

pornography, internet safety, emotional health and drugs and alcohol. Pupils progress through the school with lessons about campaigning, equipping them to engage with their local and global communities to effect change in a positive way, while engaging with difficult topics such as racism, immigration and gender equality along the way. They are taught the skills of mindfulness and readaxation to aid concentration for examinations and as part of their toolkit for good mental health. In Year 11 we educate about financial literacy as well as helping pupils consider careers and choices for their lives.

The larger campus also allows the pupils to find niches within which to develop friendships and hone skills. For many pupils, their time in the Music School, Library, Theatre, PE Centre and Archive are as formative as their principal lessons, and with a large school there is an easy overlap between these many worlds. Pupils are also helped to become more independent and mature through their working relationships with staff. We know that adolescence is a difficult time for many young people who are simultaneously coping with hormone, body and brain changes whilst establishing a personal identity, engaging in a multitude of co-curricular activities and preparing for their first public examinations. Our Wellbeing Programme for the Middle School is designed specifically to meet the needs of the pupils at this time of their lives. As they enter the Middle School, pupils learn about the development of the teenage brain. They will be educated about healthy relationships, contraception, sexting,


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