Wellbeing Matters 2018

Upper School It is our role to help pupils during their transition towards adulthood, ensuring they are equipped with the skills and virtues to navigate life beyond the College.

There is a great deal of pressure to conform to the will of the group but our hope is that a Dulwich education will give pupils the strength and courage to become reflective individuals – prepared to stand up for what is morally right even if that might come at some personal cost. Young people are under so much pressure to achieve that the expectations can be very daunting. The Upper School provides a supportive environment where pupils know they can turn to someone – be it a friend, Tutor, Chaplain, Head of Year or a counsellor – who is there to listen. Pupils are also given a ‘Looking after your mental health’ card to carry with them with tips and places to go for further advice. The Wellbeing Programme in the Upper School is designed to inform and challenge. There are academic sessions that offer practical advice on developing independent study skills, and research sessions relating to careers and finance. There are assemblies, tutor periods and lectures throughout the academic year. Pupils have the chance to discuss important topics such as relationships, sexual health, mental health and tips for living away from home.

As well as a Wellbeing Prefect, some members of the Upper School are appointed as Digital Ambassadors. They support the delivery of digital awareness throughout the school and encourage pupils to consider how to manage their online identities in a safe, secure and controlled way.


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