Wellbeing Matters 2018

Careers The Careers Department is located alongside the Sixth Form and Higher Education teams in a purpose-built suite in the Lord George Building. Together they encourage and support pupils as they consider life beyond Dulwich. The provision aims to equip pupils to assess their options as they are made aware of the many opportunities on offer to them. Research skills are taught, guidance is provided and pupils are prepared to make informed decisions for their future education and long-term aspirations. Staff encourage pupil-led, independent learning; the objective is not to tell them what they should do but to provide them with the tool kit they need to discover how to proceed and to succeed.

To this end, pupils participate in Careers education, as part of Wellbeing lessons and form tutorials in each year group, and the module in Year 11 is run alongside careers profiling (aptitudes and interests). Each pupil then proceeds to a career guidance session with an external adviser before consulting with in-house careers advisers as they participate in our Professional Insight Programme. This scheme allows pupils to research and explore their options and evidence their interests in a variety of ways including visits, lectures, taster days, conferences and work experience. This tailor-made provision, along with topical seminars, Networking events and the annual Courses and Careers Convention, is supported by our many external contacts.


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