Beckett Law - January 2019

3 Ways to Win With Your Budget Do You Have a Plan in Place?

Many people think of budgets as the constraints that prevent them from spending as they please. But is it the act of allocating funds that makes them feel restricted, or is their mindset toward money to blame? Often, our approach toward income is centered on control. If we spend how we please, then we are free, but if we tell every penny where to go, we’re strapping our paychecks down. Thoughts like these beg the following questions: Who is really in command of your finances? If bills are sneaking up on you and you’re not prepared, are you in control of your money, or is your money controlling you?

Power in Planning

Create an Emergency Fund

The biggest hurdle with creating a budget is the same as with any new practice — getting started. Many of us aren’t wizards with spreadsheets, but the good news is that you don’t have to be. New technology makes managing your money easier than ever. There are several intuitive, online-based software options that can help you create your financial plan and take control of your money.

Another significant stressor is when unexpected events arise that aren’t in the budget. Setting aside a specific amount of money for emergency expenses will create room in your budget and, in turn, create financial peace of mind. Every month is going to have its complications, but setting aside a buffer will make sure you are ready to overcome them. January is a perfect time to look at your budget, as it fits with individual goals for the new year. Of course, creating a budget might be daunting for some, due to its negative connotation, and that’s why we want to help. If you believe the best path to freedom is through bankruptcy, give us a call, and our team will walk you through every step of the process.

Set Your Schedule

Once your budget is set, you need to define your payment schedule. When you know what to expect every day of the month, you minimize the stress that comes from missing payments or not having enough money for groceries. Setting up your schedule on Autopay is a great way to start. With every paycheck, you’ll have an automatic withdrawal. Once the initial work of the automated process is done, you can sit back, relax, and know your finances are taken care of.

‘The Score Takes Care of Itself ’

Bill Walsh onWhat It Means to Be a Leader

The term “game changer” gets tossed around so much these days that it no longer seems to hold enough weight to describe legendary SF 49ers coach like Bill Walsh. But how do you describe someone who quite literally changed the way football is played on the highest level? It takes incredible willpower to defy conventional wisdom and turn a struggling team into a powerhouse. In Walsh’s memoir on leadership, “The Score Takes Care of Itself,” he explores the philosophy that guided him through his coaching career and led him to success. Working with award-winning author Steve Jamison, the two distill Walshs’ decades of experience into a comprehensive guide that can be used by coaches and CEOs alike. One theme throughout the book is the idea that sound fundamentals trump instincts. As Walsh aptly puts it, “Hearing someone described as being able to ‘fly by the seat of his pants’ always suggests to me a leader who hasn’t prepared properly and whose pants may soon fall down.” For long-term success, you have to have a game plan. For Walsh, preparation for leadership begins by bracing yourself for the worst. A mantra repeated throughout the book is “expect defeat.” In business and in football, losses are just a fact of life; how you prepare for and respond to these crises will determine your team’s success.

But the most valuable element of leadership in Walsh’s eyes is how you treat the members of your team. You need to have the courage to let them know you believe in them. Using simple but earnest positive reinforcement, this legendary coach turned the 49ers into an incredible team, and the benefits show. Segments of the book contain anecdotes and reflections from players such as Joe Montana and Randy Cross, whose deep admiration for their former leader speaks volumes.

“The Score Takes Care of Itself ” was published posthumously. Walsh’s son, Craig, did much of the legwork to piece this definitive portrait together. What we are left with is a truly insightful read from one of the most innovative, inspiring minds in sports history. It will be a long time before a book like this comes around again.



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