Garvan Breakthrough April 2018

In memoriam Between 1 and 31 January, 2018, donations were made in memory of

Come in and discover A tour of our buildings in Sydney’s Darlinghurst will give you the chance to see Garvan’s state- of-the-art scientific facilities and learn about our latest findings from our medical researchers. Garvan Discovery Tours start at 10am and run for one and a half hours, including coffee or tea. They are held multiple times throughout the month with a maximum of 15 participants per tour. We’re also happy to organise free private tours for groups and clubs. Tours are free and open to the public, but bookings are essential.

Bill and Barbara Esme Brown

Glenise Lang Gloria Lardelli Fanny Lazarides Daryl Lewis Graham Levy Julia May Linyard

Jill and Connie Mike Andrews Trevor William Annetts Peorie Armstrong Keith Ash Beverley Bolton Alan Booth Gordon James Bourke William Geoffrey Bradley Gail Burgin Viola Butters Georgina Camenzuli Mee-Na Robyn Cheok Noel Connor Norma and Robert Cook

John Lippiatt Julie Malouf Margaret McKnight

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Ronald Miles Adrian Notley

Denise Petersen Maryanne Pickup Robert Preston John Prior Robert John Rice Martin Samociuk

John Serafim Barry Sheedy Ken Simmons Cyril Snell

Suann Croker Simon Curtis

Janelle Kaye Davis Helen Kay Dawson Sue Dowlan Bridget Laing Dunn Julie Anne Fakes Corel Garling Michael John Harris John Hester Anders Hillerstrom Roxy Holder Ash Hugget Evi Joannou Richard Michael Kim Veliye Kucuk

John Stackpool Goldie Sternberg Deidre Stewart Chris Taris Marjorie and Jeffrey George Tims Tara Tobin Angela Tsakos Ronald Tuck Patricia Josephine Watts Ann Wolstenholme Helen Wong Pamela J Young

Experience the Cell Observatory on a Garvan Discovery Tour.

Clinical studies Appetite study

Gastric emptying time is the time taken for food to leave the stomach and may affect your appetite and satiety. We are looking for healthy male volunteers between the age of 20 and 52 to participate in our trial investigating appetite regulation and gastric emptying in a genetic form of obesity called Prader-Willi syndrome. For further information please contact: Alex Viardot or Amanda Hor on (02) 8382 2622 or email (St Vincent’s HREC Ref 15/SVH/437) Prediabetes study Volunteers needed for a study testing blood sugar control in response to diabetes medications or weight loss. We are looking for men and women aged 20- 70 years who DO NOT have diabetes, but have an increased risk of developing diabetes (e.g. have had an occasional increased blood sugar, or have had gestational diabetes, or a family history of type 2 diabetes). Study visits are conducted at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and St Vincent’s Hospital, Darlinghurst, Sydney. Principal Investigators: Professor Jerry Greenfield and Dr Dorit Samocha-Bonet.

In celebration Thank you to the wonderful people who sent good wishes to Garvan on their special day

Roy Abrams’ 70th Birthday Dirk Diepeveen George Dimos’ 60th Birthday Paul and Sue Dowd’s wedding Dr Corazon Francisco’s Birthday Bronwyn Harvey’s wedding Weesuda Jaratlerdsiri Greg Lake’s 70th Birthday Helen Leonard Renata Litton’s 70th Birthday

Charlotte Lowenstein’s 100th Birthday Margo Makin Abraham Nathan- Valentine’s Bar Mitzvah Alison Quigley’s grandma’s cookbook Dimity’s Birthday Jordan Reid’s Bar Mitzvah

For further information, please contact: (02) 9295 8215 or (St Vincent’s HREC Ref SVH 17/080)

Lisa Sciberras Lenny White

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